Style: Festive Threads with Joanie Clothing


It's Christmas! And in all honesty, if you've followed me for a while now you'll know I'm not the biggest fan of Christmas. But part of my 'be more present' type of vibe, I want to embrace all things festive. So when Joanie Clothing said I could pick a couple of bits I went for ALL the sparkle! The first of which is this delightfully seasonal green glitter top. 

The Audrey Sparkle Glitter Top has a fabulously vintage style roll neck, giving it a late 50s, early 60s vibe. I teamed it with a pair of plisse culottes for full on sparkle and my favourite little pom pom shoes. 

Size-wise the top is spot on. It's fairly fitted but there's enough room to feel comfortable, especially if you're thinking of wearing this Christmas day, room for post-dinner bloatage room! 

Now, I hope you appreciate my cheesy AF pics. This is truly about as festive as I'm going to get, for this year at least. Break me in gently, please! I wish I could truly put my finger on when or why I became so cynical about Christmas. I know the crowds and chaos are a huge factor for me. The overwhelming pressure to be happy and jovial. It's just not my scene. 

But this year I'm going to focus on the things I do love. The twinkly lights, the food, the time with friends and family and what feels like endless days in pyjamas! Bring on the slob-fest!! 

**This item was sent to me for the purposes of review. All words and opinions are my own**

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