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Some of you will know that one of my best real life pals is also my bestest blog pal too. The splendiferous marvel of a woman that is Em aka The Em Edit.  Anyway, I am going somewhere with this, I'm not just bragging, I promise. So lovely Em has had a long standing vision, shall we say, to build an online collective of instagram accounts, each one representing a specific plus size. 

She hates this picture, but seriously, get yourself a partner who looks at you like Em looks at Beebs.

And last week Em decided to kick things off big style. She approached myself and Violet (of Violet Glenton) to ask us if we'd like to be involved in SizeStyle, and if we would curate our relevant size category. We of course said YES, and set about building a team of bloggers and influencers to manage the remaining size categories. And what a team we have! 

A buffet of fitness

So the account links are as follows, and each (UK) size is clickable...

Violet - Size16Style 
Charl - Size20Style
Poppy - Size24Style
Naomi - Size26Style
Lolly - Size28Style
Debz & Lucia - Size30plusStyle

Each account aims to showcase a broad width of anyone who identifies as female and we are especially excited to receive submissions from women of colour, those with disabilities, women over 50 and our size 28 & 30+ ladies. We want to inspire as many women as possible whether that be about body confidence or simply outfit ideas and style inspiration. 

And don't worry if you're in between sizes, feel free to follow as many accounts that apply to you, or by all means follow them all! This isn't a blogger thing, or a model thing, this is an all sorts of everyone thing. 

We want to see what you are wearing and so do all our growing family of followers. 

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