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The definition of beauty reads - 'a combination of qualities, such as shape, colour, or form, that pleases the aesthetic senses, especially the sight.' So when Navabi got in touch to ask me to join them on their Beauty Comes in all Shapes and Sizes campaign I really wanted to consider what beauty meant to me and those women in my life who are the epitome of that. 

Beauty in 2018 has evolved into something more far-reaching than aesthetic; it has become an all-encompassing notion of depth, strength and heart. And when I think of the beautiful women in my life they thankfully possess these qualities in abundance. 

Now if I were to speak about all these women individually, I would be here all day, but needless to say, those who I hold close to my heart are the most beautiful of creatures. Their kindness, humour, generosity and wisdom are what make them beautiful... also, they're actual real life visual bangers too. So that's a bonus. 


I'm pretty sure you're all bored to death of our chum fest, but a special shout out to my dearest Patty, Ms Em of the Edit. Blessed was the day she walked into my life. There's not many who get me quite as much as Em. We share, I hope, a similar world view (although she has a heart that outshines mine by five million megawatts). We have laughed, cried, drank, travelled and experienced the most amazing things together. Just recently one of my other marvellous friends noted, having recently met Em, that she is 'mesmerising' and I couldn't agree more. She has an inexplicable quality, it's a beauty so rounded and clear, that she has absolutely no idea about. It radiates from her very being and to be in her presence is always an utter, heart warming joy. Love you pal. 

We are very beautiful.


My mum and I haven't always had the best of relationships. Of course in hindsight, I know she was just trying to be a good mum and inevitably that meant being the bad cop, to my dad's good cop. But the one thing that makes my mum beautiful is her resilience. Her ability to deal with a situation with a sense of calm and logic is awe inspiring. Throughout the toughest of times she has shown strength I can't even begin to fathom. And now, she has become the best Nanna imaginable to Pops. 

And finally. To my Pops.

She's a long time from womanhood, but I have the feeling that she'll be the most fiery, hell-raising, pioneering of people. She has an already mind blowing vocabulary, a spirit like no other and a heart so wonderfully huge. To say I am proud doesn't cover it, not even close.  

Beauty does indeed come in all shapes and sizes, and it makes me incredibly proud to be involved in this campaign with Navabi, who continue to push for the representation of plus size women, support them and lift them up.

You can get involved by checking the hashtags #beautycomesinallshapesandsizes and #allshapesandsizes - I'd love to hear who the beautiful women in your life are and why. 

**This post was written in collaboration with Navabi** 

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