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Print, print, give me all the print. I love prints, but all too often the only print available in Plus is floral, which is fine, but sometimes I want geometric, graphic prints to satisfy my needs. So it might come as a surprise that I was able to quench my print thirst at Damart. Somewhere, if I'm honest, I wouldn't normally think to look for clothes from. 

But low and behold right there, were the trousers of epicness. A bold, green and lime pattern incorporating geometric shapes and in my fave peg leg shape. 

Sadly, this isn't a story of complete joy... The sizing at Damart, is... shall we say iffy? According to their size chart, I needed a 26 (I usually wear a 22 for reference). This was due to my hips and waist.

When the trousers arrived I wanted to try them on straight away so I could get to grips with this odd sizing. 

The legs, I barely squeezed into, and without any stretch to the fabric, I was lucky to get my thunderous thighs in. But in I got, to find that the waist and hips were too big (the bit I was worried about in the first place). So my advice when ordering would be, if you are thin of leg and round of tummy (or apple-shaped as the fruitateers like to call it) then these will work just great for you. But if, alas you are chunky of hip and thigh and relatively flat of stomach like me then it's a squeeze and you may need to size up. 

Regardless of the sizing issues though (Hi Damart if you need a plus fit model, I'm your gal), I do genuinely love these trousers and felt like a stylish ray of sunshine all day. They are a lovely lightweight and breathable fabric, and are not a bad price at £29. 

I was pleasantly surprised by the selection at Damart, and although, admittedly, their range is aimed at a more mature customer, there are some gems in there, which proves the point I try to make on here often. Don't be afraid to try new brands, don't be put off by what you think a brand is all about, and always a good rummage (metaphorically speaking). 

**The trousers were gifted to me by the lovely folk at Damart**

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  1. Love those pants! My kind of style--hard to find--great print!


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