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A treat I tell you, a treat! For his blog debut, I give you my fella, my love, my Alex Bear! Sporting some chaps fashion from the lovely folk at Jacamo. Being of a chunky disposition it's nice to have somewhere like Jacamo to go and do one stop shopping for the guys. I know when it comes to shopping, Alex is a go in, get what you need and get straight back out again kinda man. And often when we have an occasion, he heads straight to Jacamo for formal shirts and suits. 

But today's post is an all together more casual affair. This is Alex's summer uniform. He loves a jersey short, t-shirt and skater trainer combo. And you know what, he pulls it off with style, so who am I to argue? 

For those of you with a guy in your life, you'll know that a lot of the time, they have a set style, in which they feel comfortable and they'll tend to stick to it. Alex chose a couple of pieces from Jacamo for the review. This really nice ombre Adidas tee and these chunky DC trainers. 

I might be biased but I think he looks gorgeous, and I'm awaiting the modelling requests to come through now! (He hates me saying stuff like this haha!!) seriously though, what a babe and very brave for stepping up for me! Thanks my love. 

It's great that brands like Jacamo are bringing big high street, sportswear and designer names to plus size men, as well as building up their core collections too. Bravo!

** The items in this post were gifted**

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  1. Good look. Thanks for your outfits.



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