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In the latest of my holiday posts we're talking outfits! My holiday style is pretty much the same as my non-holiday style, laid back, relaxed but chic (hahaha I hope, that's what I'm trying to achieve anyway). 

I've got three outfits to show you, the first is an affordable jumpsuit option, followed by a handmade maxi skirt and then finally a more high end option.

Jumpsuit - ASOS

This jumpsuit has been an absolute saviour in the hot weather, I have it in red too, it's really comfortable, floaty and cool. I love the deep elasticated waist and low cut back and front.

A lot of folk have asked me what I do bra wise for this. I found the Curvy Kate Luxe works well under it, but if you have a plunge bra too it'll be fine! The back might show but thanks to SJP it really doesn't matter. 

This outfit was a particular favourite of the trip, the skirt was a gift from long-time social media pal Joy of Curvy Culture. Joy makes and sells plus size clothes on Etsy, you can see the whole range here

I ended up wearing the skirt twice on holiday, once as pictured, then when we went out exploring Fethiye. It was perfect for walking (with trusty chub rub shorts under), it was so comfortable and cool, and with pockets it was perfect for popping change into while walking round the market. I wore it with a stripy tee and converse. 

I can highly recommend Joy's work, great quality and fit, and so nice to have something a bit more unique and handmade! 

Finally is this gorgeous dress from Navabi. It's a Marina Rinaldi Sport, and is currently £173 in the sale, which I fully and wholly appreciate is well out of a lot of people's price range. If this is within your budget though, the quality of fabric, cut and detail is phenomenal, it's really the perfect summer dress. 100% cotton, so it's breathable, benefits from pockets and comes just below the knee. 

Also just a quick note; you may have noticed in all three pics I'm wearing the same tan bag and sandal combo, which are Biba and New Look respectively. I took other shoes and bags with me, but the tan ended up going with absolutely everything, so if you are trying to keep packing to a minimum and need an all round accessory option, this is the one! 

**The striped dress and red skirt in this post were gifted to me. This post also contains affiliate links - as always though, all words and opinions are my own**

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