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Just before we went away we were kindly invited to try the new menu at the Cosy Club. If you're not familiar with the Cosy Club, they're a beautiful collection of restaurants across the country, each one with its own sense of identity and uniqueness. My local Cosy Club, Lincoln is about 45 mins from Grimsby; based in the stunning renovated Corn Exchange building, I didn't know what to expect as it was my first time visiting a Cosy Club. 

Now, I promise I will get onto the food, but I need to take a very real moment for the interior of this place. As I walked up the stairs (there is a lift for those who need it), I did an audible gasp. My friends who were following behind thought I was being silly, until they too reached the point where this building opens up into the most incredible space, and they too gasped in delight. 

This place is stunning. The sheer breadth of the space is breathtaking, complimented by the quirky, nostalgic decor, creating the most beautiful atmosphere and ambience. 

Now I've waxed lyrical about the interior... seriously though (!) I will get onto the food, because let's face it, as much as I want to come and live in this place, the decor can be as stunning as it likes, but if the food isn't up to scratch then it's a non-starter. 

We explored the full menu (I know it's a hard life) including the cocktails. My particular favourite being the Cherry Bakewell (holy moly), Alex partook in a Strawberry Daiquiri and my friends Sara and Ian tried a few of the mocktails, which I always love to see on the menu for those who don't fancy alcohol or are driving. 

For the starter we all went for the Blighty Sharing Platter, a plate consisting of the Cosy scotch egg, whole baked camembert, popcorn bacon and pickled onions with tomato chutney and sourdough toast. The perfect start to the meal, everything was really tasty and had a homemade feel about it. 

There are also vegetarian sharing platter options too, packed with warm pitta, hummus and falafel, pickles and tapenade.

Onto the mains, a bit of a meat fest again I'm afraid (sorry veggies, look away now), again there are lots of gorgeous veggie options too, including a feta, mint and pea risotto that, had I not been trying out the newer menu options, I would have definitely gone for. 

Spatchcock Gammon


Baby Back Ribs
I went for the Spatchcock Gammon, a simple but sumptuous dish, the gammon was the most tender and buttery gammon I've ever tasted. Cooked on the bone for maximum flavour, it fell off the bone with ease. The same went for the ribs Sara and Ian ordered, sticky and sweet, the ribs were everything you'd hope for. 

The mains are good solid grub, refined enough to feel special but not overly fancy or intimidating. This is the kind of place you could happily bring most people, there's something on the menu to suit most tastes, with great portion sizes and affordable prices. 

Defeated, Sara and I decided to forgo any desserts, but Alex and Ian were more than happy to take the hit for us (absolute heroes aren't they?). 

Salted Caramel Cheesecake

Nutella and Vanilla Cream Doughnut

I mean, come on. Just look at them! The doughnut unfortunately was missing its candyfloss topping as they'd run out, but regardless it was apparently still delicious (didn't see it for dust, was demolished in five seconds flat). Ian was happy to report the cheesecake was absolutely delicious too. 

There really was very little to fault at the Cosy Club, the setting and atmosphere were amazing, the food was homely, filling and right proper haha! 

I can highly recommend heading to the website and checking out where your local Cosy Club is and getting a table booked, it's perfect for an evening out with friends, somewhere to take the kids for lunch (there is a full kids menu) or to head down for a lazy brunch with the family. 

Thank you to the team for having us, the service was excellent and everyone was so friendly! We'll definitely be back soon!

**Post in conjunction with Cosy Club, words and opinions all my own!**

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