Style: The Wear Anywhere Jacket


Boxy? Check. Textured? Check. Chuck it on over anything? You betcha! This jacket from Elvi is the all-rounder you've been looking for. It's oversized and quite structural. So if that kind of style is your thing, you're going love this.

Jacket - Elvi// Jumpsuit - Fashion World// Trainers - Similar

So while I've got you here, have you noticed anything different about the old place? Well I've had a bit of a spring clean, I fancied a bit of a change! So my lovely partner designed my logo and I installed the theme, tweaked and such like, all on my own and everything! 

I hope the new look reflects my personal style a bit more, clean and unfussy. I'd love to hear what you think though! And speaking of clean and unfussy, that's exactly what this jacket is... Did you see what I did there? Seamless. 

I am deep into a monochrome phase, with splashes of red, but I do think some real warm weather will eventually crack me out of it, but we'll see! Until then, I am happy to look like a classy art teacher. 

As always, I've got lots of lovely stuff coming up including a couple of sunning occasion dresses summer wardrobe staples. Enjoy the Bank Holiday gang!

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