Style: Figleaves Curves - Art Deco


It's been a while since we've had a lingerie post hasn't it? Well I'm here to remedy that with some beautiful Figleaves pieces. First up is the stunning Art Deco set. Anyone who follows my Pinterest will know I have a serious Art Deco obsession, since I was a kid to be honest. One of my most favourite places on earth is Eltham Palace in London; it's so stunning. 

Just look at that detail, the iconic fan design makes this set so classy, yet the cage detail gives it a sexy, modern edge. I went the high waisted briefs, be warned though, they are very much a support pant, and not built for comfort! I think I'll purchase the lower cut brief so I can have this set for every day use, for me personally, I can't wear a full on control brief for my day-to-day usage! 

I personally find Figleaves Curves to be quite generous in the cup, I'm usually a 38FF so I tend to size down to a 38F instead. And I find that does the trick for me. 

I've got another beautiful set to share with you next week, and some fashiony bits in between, and then the holiday onslaught begins, with apologies in advance! We'll have holiday style, swimwear, maybe a bit of a packing post? Who knows!! 

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  1. I too love the Figleaves Art Deco Waist nipper which unfortunately I cannot now find in size 26 anywhere in the land. Do you know of any please.


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