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'The sun has got his hat on, hip hip hip hooray!' Long time followers of the blog will know I am a miserable old trout in the winter and a super annoying happy person in the summer. I BLOODY LOVE SUNSHINE!! I really, really do! I was meant to have been born in a lovely warm country and live on cheese, fresh bread and ripe tomatoes. Wishful thinking aside, what better timing to get one's pins out than when the sun's out! And today I'm doing it in style with this banger of a skirt from Pink Clove

Mind you, it helps that I got a spray tan the other day too, so I'm feeling gooooood and am relatively unbothered by getting my legs out (something I'm still normally a tad bothered about). 

I've kept the styling for this mega simple teaming it with a basic navy tshirt and cute white trainers. I love the colour of the skirt, something I probably wouldn't think of wearing in summer, but I think teamed with the navy and white, you can get away with a darker berry shade. 

Now. An explanation. The following photo is one of me being 'sporty' as instructed by my dad who was taking the pic. I am not sporty (evidenced quite graphically by this picture) nor am I suggesting that if you partake in the 'athleisure' trend, you should suddenly become an overnight Linford Christie... or someone relevant and not from the 90s. It's just fashion people. 

So ridiculous photos aside, this is a really cute, flexible, all year round kinda skirt. Ideally, I think I should have sized up to the 24 for my own comfort, but it's not horrendous, I just like my clothes to be a bit more baggy on the whole. That being said, it's got plenty of stretch in it, it looks fab and the price, as is all of Pink Clove's range, mega reasonable.  

This style comes in black too and at £18 each, and I highly recommend buying both, because I'm a terrible, terrible influence.  

Enjoy those rays while they're here. I'm sure my usual miserable service will resume next week when it's raining again! Tataaaaaa Xx

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