Style: Femme AF


It has most probably come to your attention that I'm going through a red phase at the moment. So when Pink Clove got in touch and asked me to choose a few pieces from the range, I was instantly drawn to this 'Femme' statement sweatshirt

I instantly knew I wanted to team it with leopard print (although that's how it's styled on the site, so it was probably imprinted on my thoughts!) - these particular trousers are from Sixteen47 they're sadly no longer available, but you can get similar from Pink Clove

Red and leopard are such a classic combo and back when I dressed a bit vintage it was a favoured look of mine, but I especially love this modern take on it. And as I've spoken about in previous posts, statement tees and sweats aren't going anywhere and this this homage to my womanly side!

Size-wise I'm wearing the 24 as I like a bit more room in my casual wear. It's soft and lightweight so it makes for a great transitional piece while it's still a bit nippy outside.

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