Style: Nike Air Force One - Why every Wide Fit girl needs them!


Hello all! So as promised I'm going to intersperse the mental health series with fashiony/lifestyly bits... yes they are words because I said so. SO I was doing the school run in my Nike Air Force One trainers, which I've had since October, when it suddenly occurred to me... These are a wide fit girls dream! And that I should probably share that information with you! 

Nike Air Force One... A thing of beauty

Honestly, this isn't a sponsored post or anything, I just genuinely love them!

So, these are the bad boys in question, in all their pink glory. I ordered mine from ASOS but unfortunately, they don't have the pink in stock anymore, but they do have a whole myriad of other colours, I've linked the pink ones above from another retailer. 

So why are they a 'wide fit girls dream' you may ask? Well the style lends itself to a wider foot, the rounded toe and the way the stitching sits works really well and makes this a really roomy trainer. Size-wise they're mega generous too, I think I could have easily gone down a size to a 5, but, to be honest, I have a funny boney bit on my feet on it can get really sore and achy, so the extra room affords me a bit more comfort. 

I love the chunky sole on these Nikes too, I am sadly getting to that age where I can't wear a heel, but can't wear a flat. I'm basically my mother. But these are my optimum height, nice and chunky and oh so pretty. The retro feel makes me feel funky and not too much of a complete granny. 

The only problem is, I now want them in every colour... 

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