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I've got a lovely undie post for you today! Alex and I went away to Edinburgh for the New Year, so I thought it would be an ideal occasion to pack one's sexy kecks for both blogging and loving (ooh aye) purposes. And what better kecks than those from the lovely folk at Viva Voluptuous.

Before I go on with all the fit/fabric/quality info like I do on most of my blogs, I just wanted to tell you a little tale... from the mouths of babes... I was joking around with Pops today and I mentioned that I was 'practically perfect in every way' she retorted with an instant 'Nahhh" and giggled, but then said "except for your body, that's perfect".

Well blow me down with a feather. Here's this kid who is surrounded by body bullshit every day from outside forces, including some kid who told her the other day she had 'chubby fingers', who through all that, see's my body as perfect. She loves its softness and warmth, it's where she snuggles up to when she's sad, it's the same body that dances with her in the kitchen and swims with her in the pool. And instead of being embarrassed by it, as a lot of kids would be, she loves it, and thinks her mamma is great. **PROUD MAMMA KLAXON**

So, I have somewhat digressed, but I just wanted you all to know, that our bodies are practically perfect in every way, and we should give them more credit, no matter what shape they are. 

Anyway. Back to facts. The set is sturdy; that might sound weird, but it is! It's not flimsy or silky, it's weighty and substantial, which means it's supportive and functional, so not only will this look banging in the bedroom, this is the kind of lingerie you can wear out and about as your own personal sexy secret!  

The fit is true to size (I'm wearing my usual 22 briefs and 38FF bra). The caging to the bra sits really nice and the bra is actually comfortable! I wore it around Edinburgh all day, went for a meal and I wasn't desperate to rip it off when I got home. The pants not so much if I'm honest. Being the weird long bodied bugger I am I found the straps rolled down and dug in a little bit, so I might be tempted to save them for bedroom fun and wear a different brief for every day use. 

That doesn't mean they'll be the same on you, but it's just a noteworthy point! 

All in all I adore this set, it's a nice change with the higher cage detail, as the ones that rest on the top of the boob don't always work for me as I'm not full on top. The shape of the bra is structured wonderfully too and pushes your babs up beautifully! Hoorah for elevated jubs! 

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