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Oh hello to you all! How's your weekend going? I've got a beautiful boobie holder for you today from the gorgeous folks at Elomi, purveyors of the finest plus size lingerie and swimwear I must say. 

Now firstly, this photo kind of broke my instagram, in a wholly delightful and surprising way. It got what I think is the most likes I've ever got and attracted lots of lovely new followers. So thank you to those of you who liked it and said lovely things. I really do appreciate it! 

Now onto the important stuff; the bra itself. I have actually got the full set but I just wanted to try something a bit different so I kept my clothes on-ish. 

So, I'm wearing the Morgan in the most delicious feather print. It comes in several colourways, this is the ebony, a mix of beige, brown and black, which makes it a great everyday set... well in my head it does because anything other than black in underwear makes me panic. 

The bra and briefs are true to size; I wear a 38FF and size 22. Both are comfortable enough for me, even with my pain issues, to wear throughout the day. Don't get me wrong, I still have to take it off when I get home, but I'm not in agony by 11am like I have been in other bras. 

I love the look of this set, it's grown up, sexy, but completely wearable, and has fast become my new fave. 

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