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YOU GUYS! I just wanted to pop on first and foremost to say THANK YOU! I was recently nominated for a UK Blog Award, which went to a public vote and low and behold, I WAS SHORTLISTED!!! I'll stop shouting now, I promise. I am just so so proud to be a finalist amongst some amazing bloggers and I couldn't have done it without you. 

But why all the fuss? Well, not only is this a huge deal for me on the pure basis of the nomination, but, in a veritable vast ocean of blogs, there is tiny, inconsequential me, and somehow, I have made enough of an impact for someone to want to nominate me and subsequently vote for me. And in addition to that, I'm fat. 

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So what?!? Some of you might cry, but the fact of the matter is, despite the fashion industry coming on leaps and bounds, it is still incredibly hard for fat women to make their mark on a thin-centric industry. And don't get me wrong, as far as making my mark, I haven't even scratched the surface compared to some of my gorgeous plus size counterparts, but, what I hope I have achieved is relate-ability, approachability and a voice of reality in what can feel like a very unobtainable world. 

Fashion can feel incredibly distant to women over a size 20, it's a frustrating world that can feel a million miles away. We are still grossly underrepresented in mainstream media, and for too many years now, we've sifted through the pages of fashion mags, watched catwalk shows, seen programme after programme void of anyone who remotely looks like us. Endlessly searching for figures that represent us. Compounded by the fact that we are constantly challenged when trying to emulate that fashion. And I hope that somewhere amongst all that darkness, I have given plus size women hope and represented them in a real and meaningful way.

It's still painfully evident that the plus size shopper isn't welcome on the high-street, demonstrated perfectly by Linh and Bethany from Navabi in this excellent video. 

But, fear not, tides are turning. Today Marks and Spencer have relaunched their curve range to include two pieces designed by influencer Danielle Vanier, the range was overseen by Danielle who acted as an advisor to the brand. And it's moves like this that need to keep happening. Brands - Speak to the women who understand and know plus fashion. Involve us, consult with us and respect us. That is all we're asking. We have for years demanded more and it looks like we're finally being listened to. 

Photography - JKG Photography

When I started this blog nearly seven (!) years ago, I never expected to still be doing it today, nor did I expect all the wonderful opportunities it has afforded me. It's been one hell of a slog, but by god has it been awe-inspiring, crazy and fun. 

Thank you again for all your continued support, you really do make it all worthwhile. 

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