Tuesday, 23 January 2018

Style: River Island Accessories

If you ask my partner he will tell you I have an EXTENSIVE shoe and bag collection and I definitely do not need any more, but let's face it; what the hell does he know? So when River Island got in touch and asked me to choose some bits from their bag and Wide fit shoe selection, I of course said yes!

I was really excited to try some items from River Island, I've obviously never had clothes from them until last year, I have bought a couple of piece from the plus range, but I've never had accessories from them either. 

In hindsight I'm cursing myself for going with such 'safe' options, because River Island are known for their really vivid bag and shoe designs, but in my head I wanted to go for something classic, which, to be fair, I have and I love. But maybe I should have been a more bold? 

I do, however, adore the items I went for. I have not had the bag off my shoulder to be honest. It's compact, but has three compartments and is roomy AF to fit all my daily crap in! FYI mums out there, you can fit baby wipes, purse, phone, keys and even a drink in this baby without feeling mumsy or carry something really boring and practical looking. 

I love the tan contrast on the strap and tassels too, which gives it a bit more versatility to wear with neutral tone outfits as well as monochrome. 

I continued that colour pallet into my choice of boots. I went for a pair from the wide fit collection as I was interested to see how wide fit they actually were. Foot wise they are a great fit, nice and roomy, but what I will say is the ankle is snug, and for a fat chick, I have a relatively slim ankle, so just be aware, if you do have a larger ankle, these might not be the style for you. 

The heel is a great height though, it's comfortable and not too 'teetery', I love the soft square toe style too, as someone who always goes for a point it made a lovely change!

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Leather Jacket - ASOS// Dress - ASOS// Boots - River Island// Bag - River Island

Men's Style: Suited and Booted

Now it's not very often that the guys get a mention on here, but with wedding season coming up, now is the time that you chaps (or your other halves who might be reading) might want to start looking for the perfect suit. And it's not always an easy mission trying to find Plus Size Men's Suits, so when SuitsMen got in touch, I thought it might be nice to share some of my top picks from their site for a bit of suit inspo.


The simple lines on this classic grey suit give it a modern edge, the single breasted style and sleek pockets give this suit a really stylish edge. Team with tan shoes for a more relaxed, modern look.


If you have a black tie event coming up, then finding a classic dinner jacket look can be hard if you're above a certain size; but fear not, this Dinner Suit goes right up to a 58" chest and 54" waist. Keep the shoes classically black, and go the full hog with cufflinks and bow tie! 


For a lighter, fresher summer look, this gorgeous suit in a sand tone is perfect. It's going to be great for summer weddings and functions, weddings abroad or even just for changing things up at the office over the warmer months. 

All of the suits in the larger size section come in large chest and waist sizes, with different leg and jacket lengths to accommodate different heights and builds. There's a wonderful variety of styles, fabrics and colours, and the site is easy to use and clear, you can filter your search by chest/waist size, style, colour etc. 

Exchanges and refunds are free for UK customers and the site also carries a selection of accessories to finish your outfit perfectly! 

Would you guys like more style posts? Let me know in the comments. I may even be able to rope the other half into doing some modelling!

Saturday, 20 January 2018

Style: Elomi Morgan

Oh hello to you all! How's your weekend going? I've got a beautiful boobie holder for you today from the gorgeous folks at Elomi, purveyors of the finest plus size lingerie and swimwear I must say. 

Now firstly, this photo kind of broke my instagram, in a wholly delightful and surprising way. It got what I think is the most likes I've ever got and attracted lots of lovely new followers. So thank you to those of you who liked it and said lovely things. I really do appreciate it! 

Now onto the important stuff; the bra itself. I have actually got the full set but I just wanted to try something a bit different so I kept my clothes on-ish. 

So, I'm wearing the Morgan in the most delicious feather print. It comes in several colourways, this is the ebony, a mix of beige, brown and black, which makes it a great everyday set... well in my head it does because anything other than black in underwear makes me panic. 

The bra and briefs are true to size; I wear a 38FF and size 22. Both are comfortable enough for me, even with my pain issues, to wear throughout the day. Don't get me wrong, I still have to take it off when I get home, but I'm not in agony by 11am like I have been in other bras. 

I love the look of this set, it's grown up, sexy, but completely wearable, and has fast become my new fave. 

Monday, 15 January 2018

Style: Coming up Roses

Hello all! Hope you had a wonderful weekend? I've got a mega quick outfit post for you today. I popped an outfit up on instagram and did a poll on my stories and everyone said I should blog it, so as the public have spoken, I must obey haha! 

So a very lovely friend of mine sent me this dress after I had been searching for it. It's from Elvi and they had sold out in my size online! I just love the 90s grunge feel of it and the shoestring straps mean I can layer it up depending on the weather.

Shop the Outfit: Dress - Elvi // Top - Similar // Leather Jacket - ASOS

It's oversized so there's loads of room in it. If you're looking for for a more fitted look, I'd definitely size down. The fabric is a heavy velvet, it feels so good on! 

I went for a baby pink jumper to wear under, but olive green, black or white is going to look great under this too. You might even be more adventurous and wear a clashing colour, but we all know I'm such a matchy matchy girl. 

Elvi have some amazing stuff in at the moment, and with their #everyBody campaign launching soon, there's lots to look forward to! 

Friday, 12 January 2018

Style: Viva Voluptuous Ecstasy

I've got a lovely undie post for you today! Alex and I went away to Edinburgh for the New Year, so I thought it would be an ideal occasion to pack one's sexy kecks for both blogging and loving (ooh aye) purposes. And what better kecks than those from the lovely folk at Viva Voluptuous.

Before I go on with all the fit/fabric/quality info like I do on most of my blogs, I just wanted to tell you a little tale... from the mouths of babes... I was joking around with Pops today and I mentioned that I was 'practically perfect in every way' she retorted with an instant 'Nahhh" and giggled, but then said "except for your body, that's perfect".

Well blow me down with a feather. Here's this kid who is surrounded by body bullshit every day from outside forces, including some kid who told her the other day she had 'chubby fingers', who through all that, see's my body as perfect. She loves its softness and warmth, it's where she snuggles up to when she's sad, it's the same body that dances with her in the kitchen and swims with her in the pool. And instead of being embarrassed by it, as a lot of kids would be, she loves it, and thinks her mamma is great. **PROUD MAMMA KLAXON**

So, I have somewhat digressed, but I just wanted you all to know, that our bodies are practically perfect in every way, and we should give them more credit, no matter what shape they are. 

Anyway. Back to facts. The set is sturdy; that might sound weird, but it is! It's not flimsy or silky, it's weighty and substantial, which means it's supportive and functional, so not only will this look banging in the bedroom, this is the kind of lingerie you can wear out and about as your own personal sexy secret!  

The fit is true to size (I'm wearing my usual 22 briefs and 38FF bra). The caging to the bra sits really nice and the bra is actually comfortable! I wore it around Edinburgh all day, went for a meal and I wasn't desperate to rip it off when I got home. The pants not so much if I'm honest. Being the weird long bodied bugger I am I found the straps rolled down and dug in a little bit, so I might be tempted to save them for bedroom fun and wear a different brief for every day use. 

That doesn't mean they'll be the same on you, but it's just a noteworthy point! 

All in all I adore this set, it's a nice change with the higher cage detail, as the ones that rest on the top of the boob don't always work for me as I'm not full on top. The shape of the bra is structured wonderfully too and pushes your babs up beautifully! Hoorah for elevated jubs! 

Tuesday, 9 January 2018

News: UKBA18 Finalist!

YOU GUYS! I just wanted to pop on first and foremost to say THANK YOU! I was recently nominated for a UK Blog Award, which went to a public vote and low and behold, I WAS SHORTLISTED!!! I'll stop shouting now, I promise. I am just so so proud to be a finalist amongst some amazing bloggers and I couldn't have done it without you. 

But why all the fuss? Well, not only is this a huge deal for me on the pure basis of the nomination, but, in a veritable vast ocean of blogs, there is tiny, inconsequential me, and somehow, I have made enough of an impact for someone to want to nominate me and subsequently vote for me. And in addition to that, I'm fat. 

Photography - JKG Photography

So what?!? Some of you might cry, but the fact of the matter is, despite the fashion industry coming on leaps and bounds, it is still incredibly hard for fat women to make their mark on a thin-centric industry. And don't get me wrong, as far as making my mark, I haven't even scratched the surface compared to some of my gorgeous plus size counterparts, but, what I hope I have achieved is relate-ability, approachability and a voice of reality in what can feel like a very unobtainable world. 

Fashion can feel incredibly distant to women over a size 20, it's a frustrating world that can feel a million miles away. We are still grossly underrepresented in mainstream media, and for too many years now, we've sifted through the pages of fashion mags, watched catwalk shows, seen programme after programme void of anyone who remotely looks like us. Endlessly searching for figures that represent us. Compounded by the fact that we are constantly challenged when trying to emulate that fashion. And I hope that somewhere amongst all that darkness, I have given plus size women hope and represented them in a real and meaningful way.

It's still painfully evident that the plus size shopper isn't welcome on the high-street, demonstrated perfectly by Linh and Bethany from Navabi in this excellent video. 

But, fear not, tides are turning. Today Marks and Spencer have relaunched their curve range to include two pieces designed by influencer Danielle Vanier, the range was overseen by Danielle who acted as an advisor to the brand. And it's moves like this that need to keep happening. Brands - Speak to the women who understand and know plus fashion. Involve us, consult with us and respect us. That is all we're asking. We have for years demanded more and it looks like we're finally being listened to. 

Photography - JKG Photography

When I started this blog nearly seven (!) years ago, I never expected to still be doing it today, nor did I expect all the wonderful opportunities it has afforded me. It's been one hell of a slog, but by god has it been awe-inspiring, crazy and fun. 

Thank you again for all your continued support, you really do make it all worthwhile.