Friday, 29 December 2017

Style: Outfit Round Up - Dec 17

The month and yes, year are nearly over. So I thought I'd do a little outfit round-up for you as I'd had lots of queries on instagram about some of my new bits and its not always easy to link on there! 

I actually really struggle in winter, I never know what to wear, I always feel like I lose a bit of my style mojo. I'm definitely more of a Spring/Summer kinda gal. 

Shop the Outfit: Star Dress - H&M // Roll Neck Jumper - Yours Clothing // Jeans - New Look

Where items have sold out, I've tried to find alternatives, and a lot of sites will offer alternatives too if they're showing up as sold out. 

Shop the Look: Teddy Coat - Similar // Jumper - Monki // Jeans - Similar

Shop the Outfit: Jumpsuit - ASOS // Trainers - Nike

Shop the Outfit: Dress - Monki // Jacket - ASOS // Handbag - Cath Kidston
As you can see, towards the end of the month, I favoured the old standard dress and biker jacket look. It's just so easy to wear and looks so stylish. You can layer it up with scarves or roll necks under the dress to add extra warmth if you need it. 

Shop the Look: Top - New Look // Leggings - Tu Clothing // Jacket - In the Style Curve 

Shop the Look: Dress - Similar // Jacket - ASOS
 Alex actually bought me a new biker jacket for Christmas as my old one wasn't leather and it was wearing away at the elbows. I think if you get a lot of wear out of something, it's definitely worth investing in a  good quality version. Obviously if you're vegan, this isn't an option, but you can get them cheap enough that you could re-buy every couple of years.

Shop the Look: Jumper - Similar // Wide Leg Trousers - Similar
I'm also the same with footwear. I know I'll get a tonne of use out of my favourite adidas superstar trainers, so I don't mind the £60+ price tag. As long as you look after them, wear socks with them (which I'm guilty of not doing!) then you'll get years of wear out of them. I also like to get my winter boots from Clarks, although I'm happy to pick up leather boots from anywhere, especially when there's a sale on. I got some leather biker boots from New Look about 4 years ago now and they're my go-to bad weather boots. Great chunky sole, the leather protects me from the elements and the come up way past the ankle for extra wether proofing. 

Shop the Outfit: Dress - ASOS // Jacket - ASOS // Trainers - Adidas

Wednesday, 27 December 2017

Style: JD Williams Workout Wear

DON'T PANIC - I am NOT going to foist some New Year, New You bull on you. Yes, we're approaching that time of year when the media likes to tell you you're not good enough, that in order to live a fulfilling and meaningful life you need to be smaller or fitter. Well you don't, trust me. 

So, why, you might ask am I parading in workout wear? Well, when the lovely folk at JD Williams asked me if I'd like to review some bits, I'd just started up with my yoga again, so it seemed like the perfect opportunity to try out some new threads. 

And here cometh the point; I promise there is one. I go to yoga because it makes me feel good. I mean, really good. I feel refreshed and relaxed when I do an hour of yoga. It enables me to quieten my quite frankly, very noisy and messy mind. It gives me time to reconnect with my body and appreciate it, listen to it, stretch and move it in a gentle and empowering way. 

I'm not there to get fit, or lose weight. I'm there to enrich and relax. And that's the key. 

If you want to move your body, and only if, find something you love, find something that leaves you feeling amazing afterwards.  I am simply here to say, if you want to do something, these clothes are pretty comfortable and fit for purpose. 

So, let's talk about the actual clothes then yeah? 

I went for a colour block top from the JD Williams main range, and some plus size Adidas trousers. I usually wear regular old leggings for yoga, so I wanted to try out some real top of the range trousers, and hopefully not show my knickers off while adopting my poses ha! 

They are definitely thick, there's plenty of movement in them too, I'm not sure if they're going to be a little too thick for yoga though (my classes don't reconvene until the end of January) but for the purposes of a good walk to blow out the cobwebs they're great. They provide the warmth and coverage that leggings just don't. I went for the 20/22 and they fit great. 

The top is a thick, almost scuba type material. Great for popping on to travel to classes, or for walking in. I sized up to the 26 as I wanted it for layering, and needed it to be roomy.  I love the contrast of the bright coral tie on the neck, it just adds a little interest to the garment. 

I was really pleased with the garments. The adidas trousers are great, but they are pricey, so unless you're going to get tonnes of wear out of them, it might be worth shopping around for something a bit more reasonable. The top, however, is currently in the sale for just over £18, an absolute bargain. It's so wearable for workouts and casual wear, I know I'm going to wear it to death! 

A little parting note: Please be kind to yourselves, there's a lot of pressure on people this time of year, the diet talk is deafening, these people make money from degrading you and making you feel like you're not good enough. Let me tell you, you are. 

Right here, right now, you are wonderful, able and amazing. 

**These items were sent to me for the purposes of review. All words and opinions are my own**

Saturday, 16 December 2017

Style: Lovehoney Christmas Treats

If you're still looking for a few last minute gifts, and fancy popping a bit of sexy plus size lingerie in your other half's stocking, then look no further. Lovehoney have the most delicious fancy pants for your delectation.

I'm wearing the Moonlight set in wine, it has a real sumptuous feel about it with all the lace detail and ribbon tie to the waist. I absolutely adore the shoulder detail. It's just so different and so so sexy. If I could do heart eyes emojis for real, I'd be doing them. Seriously.

Size-wise I stuck to my usual 22/24 (3X/4X) - as always with this kind of lingerie, don't expect t be able to go jogging in it or anything, the support simply isn't there, but for sexy bedroom fun times, it keeps the babs in place and looking rather beautiful.  

The set also comes in a black and wine colourway which looks so gorgeous. Order before 6pm on Wednesday 20th December for guaranteed Christmas delivery. 

Monday, 11 December 2017

Beauty: Pevonia Winter Skin Savers

Now I know I very rarely delve into the whole beauty thing, mainly because I'm absolutely useless at it. I don't really get make-up, I don't look after my skin and I literally don't understand products. BUT now and then I am lucky enough to be sent lovely things by lovely people and back in the summer the peeps at Pevonia sent me some goodies.

Now I do love to try stuff out before I talk about it, so it was important to me to give these a real good go before I came on here with my verdict. My first impressions were great, as I'm such a packaging whore, I loved the high end look of the products. They're all really nice and weighty, great to look at, and make you feel like you've really given yourself a treat before you've even opened them. 

When I got into the products, I'm glad to report, they smelled lush. Really high-end spa-esque type pong. I have now been using the products since July, and they are genuinely great. The cleanser, eye make-up remover and eye cream are fab, they work effectively, so I don't have an awful lot more to say on them, but I wanted to talk a little further however about the face cream. 

I personally found, in the summer that the cream was a little too heavy for me. My skin is generally great in summer and needs very little moisture. I found the cream too thick and it made my face sweat BUT in the winter? This cream has been my saviour. I get so dry from the changes in temperature. Coming in from the cold into the warm house plays absolute havoc with my skin and the Pevonia cream has really eased my dry, tight, irritated skin. 

So if you're looking for a really great, heavy, thick cream then this could be your go-to. I know it is  now mine! 

I'm definitely excited to try some more products from the range and maybe find a lighter alternative for the summer. But as that feels like a million miles away now, I'd like to know, have you got any winter skin saviours?