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Let's talk about boots baby, let's talk about you and me... Oh lordy, sorry about that. So yes, boots. As the proud owner of not one but two 20/21 inch calfs (IS IT CALFS or CALVES?!?!), I am always on the look out for Wide Calf Boots. And thankfully the lovely folk at the Wide Calf Boots Store got in touch and asked me to road test some of their fine offerings. 

So as you can see they're rather marvellous. A lovely brushed brown leather, flat but chunky heal and cute tie detail to the back. These boots are by JJ Footwear and are boots you're going to wear over and over again... let's be fair at over £200 you're going to want these to last realistically. 5 years plus. Rest assured, I have no doubt they will. They are sturdy, well made and of excellent quality. 

The Wide Calf Boots Store website is really easy to use, you pop your shoe size in, your calf measurement and it brings up all your options. Most of the options are around the £140 and upwards mark, so they are not cheap or fast fashion options. This is investment piece territory, which I know is not within everyones reach, I get that completely. But if you do want long-lasting, quality boots, I'm pretty sure this is your place. 

As a side note|: I spoke about this picture on instagram the other week. It's not what you would deem my most 'flattering'. I'm not wearing a proper bra, my tits look saggy, you can see my double belly outline, my back fat and my chubby knees. But you know what? It's me, it's my body and it's great. BUT it's taken me a long time to get to that place, and I'm not always in that place. Sometimes I lift my belly up in the mirror and imagine what it would be like to have a non-saggy belly with a higher belly button. But it's not going to happen so I buck the heck up and crack on. 

Anyway chaps, I have lots of fun stuff coming up on the blog so stay tuned!! Xx

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