Style: Sixteen47 - Monochrome at No.22


Following the utter triumph of the Sixteen47 leopard print suit, I am now equally excited to bring you this gorgeous textured jacket. 

Before I crack on with the actual review, I just wanted to note my location. I've been taking pics outside this tatty old garage for a while now. It's just round the corner from my house (handy), but it wasn't until today I noticed that it's number 22... Just my size! How funny!

Anyway, less of my geographical musings and the delights of the back allies of Grimsby, and more fashion. So, the 'Long Warm Cloque Coat' is, as you can see, is a long, quilted edge to edge jacket. It has a great weight to it, it feels substantial without being too coat-ish if that makes sense? It still feels like a jacket, but definitely more suited to cooler days. I'm wearing a size 2 which covers sizes 20-24. 

It's one of those pieces that adds a bit of glamour and cool to a regular outfit, but is more than qualified to go over an evening dress and look fab. I just love how the piping gives a nod to the pyjama trend and the quilting gives such sublime texture. 

At £145 this jacket is not cheap, but it's a statement piece of quality that will take pride of place in your wardrobe for years to come. Sometimes we need to save up and treat ourselves to something a bit out of the ordinary. And with a size range from 16-42 Sixteen47 really do cater for the plus size market. They're not just dipping their toe in the fatty sea, they've stripped off their kaftan, and dived in head first and that's why I love them. 

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  2. So nice to see someone showing the love to Sixteen47, they have such great clothes and great values that I am always surprised they don't get more attention.I'm sure you'll get many years of wear out of it - I've just had to retire a jersey top that I have been wearing for over 20 years.


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