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I'm a print fan. I love a good bold print. And the Susan shirt dress from Pink Clove ticks that box mega firmly. 

Susan Shirt Dress

Let's get straight to it. Things you need to know about this dress: The button front is faux. It is sewn shut. Which is no bad thing if you have big boobs and/or belly as it eliminates that pesky gaping often experienced with button ups BUT I had planned on wearing this a duster type jacket, so it definitely scuppered that! 

However. It is a great length, it's stretchy, the print is banging awesome and fit-wise it is spot on! So I can forgive its non-unbuttoningness. (that is a word, I know this, because I just made it one). 

I've been musing. Do you think you get to a point in life where you stop giving a fig about what people think? Do you think it comes with age? It's just that I was thinking, there was a time I would not have worn this without tights and I certainly wouldn't have worn it with leopard print boots. But life is too short to be matchy matchy all the time isn't it? 

Anyway, enough of my pondering, it's very late and I fear I may just waffle on about all manner of things if I keep typing! Needless to say, despite my slight disappointment on the sewn up front front I am loving this shirt dress and as with all the Pink Clove range, the price point is mega purse friendly, which I love.  

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