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When I first came across the new #BloodNormal ad from Bodyform on twitter I have to say I was instantly impressed. For years the period market has been flooded (YES I WENT THERE HAHA) with unrealistic images of skinny women on roller skates wearing white and apparently bleeding out weird blue shit. 

Fact of the matter is, we bleed. Real life, red sometimes brown, lumpy blood. And no one actually talks about it. The conversation needs to change, and although I can't be a complete Positive Polly about periods, I can definitely be real. Periods are rubbish, I genuinely hate them. I feel dirty, I'm in agony and I want to kill people BUT I have them, and as such I should be able to talk about them without embarrassment or shame; and so should you. 

So in order to get the conversation going, the lovely folk at Bodyform sent me a gorgeous package packed full of goodies to make my period a little happier, and for me, it gave me an opportunity to talk to Pops about periods and have some girlie bonding time. 

Seeing out the blob in comfort!

Gorgeous Goodies

So I guess for those of you who haven't seen it, I should share the fab ad with you!

How do you feel about the ad? Does it break down taboos? OR do you feel it isn't necessary to show the actual blood? I know from my point of view, I don't want Pops, when her time comes, to be shocked. I don't want to her to be scared of something so natural (albeit it rubbish, sorry you'll never convince me periods are a good thing). I want her to be prepared so she can deal with it best she can. I majorly applaud Bodyform for tackling this, it HAD to be done. 

The time has come to open up the conversation, be real about periods and understand that we should make #BloodNormal. 

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