Style: Swimwear with Elomi


You know when you spot something and you just know you HAVE to have it, well that's how I felt about this Elomi swimwear set. The lace, the shape, the halterneck, yes please!

This is a three-piece set consisting of briefs, bandeau bikini top and stretch lace tankini overlay. And it's the overlay that really makes it for me, it's just so stylish. 

What I liked about it was how easy it was to pop on and off. I could take it off for sunbathing, then if I wanted more coverage while swimming I could pop it back on, or even wear it with some black trousers or a sarong at lunch time. 

I'm wearing my usual sizes, so a 38F in the bikini, 22 in the pants and tankini, everything is true to size and the the top has loads of stretch in it, so it's comfortable and has plenty of movement in it. I love everything about the Indie set, it's so stylish and sexy, I really felt tip top in it. 

The quality is outstanding, the fabrics feel beautiful and the support is fantastic. The only thing I could say is that the briefs aren't high enough for me, I'm used to the classic Elomi belly warmer bikini briefs haha! These are only mid-rise. But because all of there are separates, you can chose the classic high waists from the essentials collection instead if you wish.

I cannot recommend this set highly enough, and can't wait to go swimming or sunning again so I can get some more use out of it! 

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  1. Is it just me that would wear the tankini part for going out out. I still haven't got the courage for a bikini but something like this would be ideal, that is if I ever got a sunshine holiday lol


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