Style: Arched Eyebrow X Navabi


Last month I headed to London for the much anticipated launch of the first of three influencer capsule collections with Plus Size champions, Navabi.

The first of the three collections was a familiar face to all of us plus size blogger gals in the UK, our very own Bethany Rutter of Arched Eyebrow, how bloody exciting?

So, Bert's collection is a small but bold riot of colour and structure, which is glorious.

Amazing right? It's got pretty formal/work wear vibes, well, to mega casual me it has, but it's great for adding a huge pop of colour into your wardrobe and I could easily see me wearing the blue coat with more laid back outfits. 

I think for me, the pink colours are a little scary just because I don't tend to do bright pink, it's just not in my personal repertoire, but I am MORE than into to the blues and greens, they are gorgeous. In fact I had to try the duster coat on to experience it in all its glory!

There are two more collections heading your way from Navabi, the next of which is already available to order, the Aglae collection which I'll be writing more about soon and then finally the Isabell Decker collection which I'm sure many will have high hopes for given her amazing sense of style. As always, it's amazing to see Navabi making huge strides in the plus size world, championing style at its best. 

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