Giveaway: Boobie Beads


Hey everyone! I've got a giveaway for all the mamma's today, the lovely folk at Boobie Beads have sent me this cute necklace for one of you to win! The beads are made from 100% silicone which makes them a perfect teething/general baby chewing aid! 

I remember when I had Pops, I didn't wear jewellery for years because she was constantly pulling and chewing it, I love how these mean you can wear a bit of jewellery while occupying baby plus it's all completely safe for baby to have a good chew on! 

All you have to do is the rafflecopter thingy below, and bob's your uncle!

Good luck!

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  1. Not breastfeeding at the moment but I will be trying to after my next pregnancy!

    1. We swore by Bickiepegs (available on Amazon) for my little girl's teething, they're brilliant tough biscuit sticks which last ages

  2. Hali kinson: not teething yet but love reading all tips! My boy is 1 week ols

  3. Hali kinson: not teething yet my little boy is one week old so I will be looking for in here for tips!


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