Friday, 25 August 2017

Giveaway: CFF Tickets with Optifit!

I'm feeling generous this week so I've got another giveaway for you (as if I'm taking all the credit). I've got two tickets for the Curve Fashion Festival courtesy of Optifit and that's not all, I've also got a £50 voucher to spend on their range of gorgeous handmade bras! 

Optifit are a completely different concept in bras. Each bra is handmade in the UK and fitted using their unique fitting system. I'm looking forward to bringing you my verdict on the bra in September once it's been made! In the mean time, head to website and have a look around if you're interested in seeing what makes them different. 

Okay, so for your chance to win two tickets to the Curve Fashion Festival and a £50 Optifit voucher simply follow the instructions below! 

Tuesday, 22 August 2017

Style: Aglaë meets Navabi

A few weeks ago I introduced you to the much anticipated Arched Eyebrow x Navabi collection and now I'm mega chuffed to share with you a piece from the Aglaë meets Navabi collection

Gah. Isn't it good? I'll be honest, I'm regretting not going bare legged but I just thought it was a tiny bit too short for my comfort zone, but I think I'm going to bite the bullet and dare to bare next time. 

It's true, it's mega girly for me, but I love the stripe pattern and eye embroidery, it's just so good! And the sleeve makes my heart race, seriously. (I know, I'm ridiculous).

The dress is a lightweight cotton with eye detail embroidery, size-wise it's fairly generous, so if you do air on the side of small in your size, I'd recommend sizing down. The dress fastens with a press stud, and then the tie belt over that so it feels a little more secure. 

Be sure to check out the rest of the collection and if you drop by the website, there's a huge plus size clothing sale on at the mo too. Bag a bargain while you can!

Giveaway: Boobie Beads

Hey everyone! I've got a giveaway for all the mamma's today, the lovely folk at Boobie Beads have sent me this cute necklace for one of you to win! The beads are made from 100% silicone which makes them a perfect teething/general baby chewing aid! 

I remember when I had Pops, I didn't wear jewellery for years because she was constantly pulling and chewing it, I love how these mean you can wear a bit of jewellery while occupying baby plus it's all completely safe for baby to have a good chew on! 

All you have to do is the rafflecopter thingy below, and bob's your uncle!

Good luck!

Friday, 11 August 2017

Style: Oversized Winners with Monki

I first discovered Monki about 4 years ago when I bought a banging handbag from them. It was only in the last year though that I discovered their oversized fits from various plus babes, and although they're not specifically plus size, they do have pieces that will work for plus bodies. 

I'm on my sixth or seventh bit from them now, I'll stick to oversized pieces, and go for a Large or XL, and so far, my size 22 body has fit into all of them. I know some have reported problems with neck and sleeve size, so if you do want to try ordering from them, just be aware if you're a bit chunkier on the arms or neck, then it's something to think about in certain styles.   

The shirt I'm wearing in today's post is the oversized sleeveless blouse in the XL and there is loads of room in it, I'd say it would fit a 24/26 easily. This style really just plays into all my minimalist dreams, with an 80s twist. It's safe to say I was completely enjoying myself this day. It's effortless, comfortable and dare I say cool? Everything I look for in an outfit.

If you're looking for bold prints, loose silhouettes, and something a little different, why not give Monki a try? 

Get the look:

Shoes - ASOS//Shirt - Monki//Jeans - (Similar)// Bag - (Similar)

Tuesday, 8 August 2017

Style: Pretty Woman - Cleethorpes

A couple of weeks ago I was invited to Cleethorpes based store Pretty Woman. Based in the beautiful Lincolnshire Seaside town, Pretty woman is nestled down Seaview Street, a lovely little shopping street packed full of boutiques and coffee shops.

I'd previously spoke to Julie the owner, but only briefly, I didn't want to know too much about the shop as I wanted to experience it first hand. I was welcomed into the shop by the staff and was shown into one of the changing rooms where I was greeted by Wendy who was my fitter for the morning. 

Now; a few notes, I'd been up late working a charity event the night before, I was still covered in glitter and I looked a right state, but lovely Wendy made me feel at complete ease. 

I should probably say right now, I've also had a LOT of bra fittings, I've even been on a full day course with Panache to fit bras myself, so I know a little about the process, but you haven't had these experiences, don't worry, the team will make you feel at ease and it's really not scary, I promise.  

The shop is fairly small but perfectly formed with an eye-watering selection of bras. If you can't see it, they've probably still got it in the vast space above the shop and if they haven't got it, they'll order it for you. 

On my most recent fitting I was still coming up at a 38F, so I wore what I considered one of my better fitting bras so Wendy could work from that. After having a little perusal of my current situation, Wendy pottered off and brought me a selection of bras to try on. Wendy expertly surmised I'd in fact gone up a cup size and a 38FF was a better fit for me. 

Top tip: Any bra fitter worth their salt probably wont need a tape measure. They should be able to work from your current bra and their trained eye and a series of fitting bras to you, to understand your size. They may occasionally need to get a better idea of your back size, but if they start talking about the +4 or any workings out from your over chest and underchest measurements, run a mile! Bras should be fitted by eye and by trying on new bras. Fitters know what to look for.  

After ascertaining my new size, from there I was able to try on different bras to get a better idea of which style would suit my breast shape. Wendy showed me how to put on the bras, how to swoop and scoop my breast tissue to make sure I was in the cups properly and make sure the band and straps were sitting properly on me. 

Firstly please ignore my ridiculous face, I'm either too busy talking or feeling awkward because I'm covered in glitter and feeling slightly sweaty. 

It quickly became apparent that I'm most suited to a plunge style.

We all loved this one and the fit was amazing. It gave me great shape and was really comfortable. But, the one that won my heart was this super pretty and summery floral number. 

I felt really welcomed and cared for at Pretty Woman Cleethorpes, the staff were friendly, knowledgeable and accommodating. If you're in the Lincolnshire area, it really is worth the trip to the east coast to visit the Pretty Woman ladies, their fitting expertise are second to none and their huge selection of bras and swimwear means there is something to suit all boobs. 

Sunday, 6 August 2017

Style: Arched Eyebrow X Navabi

Last month I headed to London for the much anticipated launch of the first of three influencer capsule collections with Plus Size champions, Navabi.

The first of the three collections was a familiar face to all of us plus size blogger gals in the UK, our very own Bethany Rutter of Arched Eyebrow, how bloody exciting?

So, Bert's collection is a small but bold riot of colour and structure, which is glorious.

Amazing right? It's got pretty formal/work wear vibes, well, to mega casual me it has, but it's great for adding a huge pop of colour into your wardrobe and I could easily see me wearing the blue coat with more laid back outfits. 

I think for me, the pink colours are a little scary just because I don't tend to do bright pink, it's just not in my personal repertoire, but I am MORE than into to the blues and greens, they are gorgeous. In fact I had to try the duster coat on to experience it in all its glory!

There are two more collections heading your way from Navabi, the next of which is already available to order, the Aglae collection which I'll be writing more about soon and then finally the Isabell Decker collection which I'm sure many will have high hopes for given her amazing sense of style. As always, it's amazing to see Navabi making huge strides in the plus size world, championing style at its best.