Style: Swimwear with Curvy Kate


Hello!!! How's it going gang? I'm bringing you the last batch of my holiday posts now, today we're talking swimwear with boob CHAMPIONS, Curvy Kate. If you're looking for large cup swimwear these are your guys! 

The galaxy set is out of this world... Wheyyyy love a good pun! Seriously though, it's a beauty, the vibrant print, awesome harness strapping, high waisted briefs. SO good. 

I'm wearing the 38F top and size 22 breifs. The bottoms are perfect, seriously good. The bra is very firm band-wise, but it does give after a few days. Obviously, sun bathing wise, the straps aren't a great idea, unless you're mega into a stripey chest, which is why its so fantastic that these are detachable! 

I've also seen loads of gorgeous peeps wear them in different formations too, so it's really versatile! 

Have you taken the plunge and worn a plus size bikini yet? How do they make you feel? I know it's taken me a couple of years to really embrace them, but I am LOVING them now! 

Love B x

**This set was sent to me for the purposes of review. All words and opinions are my own**

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