Food: The Bradley Inn, Grimsby.


Hello all! Given the state of the weather I thought it best not to depress you with another sunny holiday post, but maybe try and brighten things up instead by bringing you some yummy food instead! Me and the famalam headed to the Bradley Inn Grimsby, courtesy of the Sizzling Pub and Grill group to try out their new menu. 

If you're not familiar with sizzling pubs, they are dotted all over the country, in fact there are over 200 in the UK and they serve up what I would class as proper pub grub, burgers, steaks, chunky chips and most importantly scampi... I love scampi. There's a handy locator tool on the website to find your local branch as are all the menus for you to have a good look (drool) over. 

My folks, Alex, Pops and I went for dinner on a week night, the pub itself is decorated really nicely, it's bright and airy, but still comfy, like a proper pub should be. 

Dad had the buttermilk chicken (pictured above) mum went for her usual mixed grill (pictured below, she's a creature of habit). I went for the surf and turf (scampi thanks very much) and Alex went for the New Yorker, which is a steak loaded with mac n cheese (hubba hubba). I didn't take a pic of Pop's  meal because it looked really unappealing, as those of you with kids may know, she went for a proper weird combo that looks a bit gross to the average person!!   

Now I know my photographic skills aren't always the best, but as you can see, there was no scrimping on the portions here and everything tasted really nice. I think our only comment would be if you like your steak rare, take into account these come on sizzler plates, so will continue to cook, so maybe ask for your steak blue or very rare, then by the time it gets to you, it'll be rare or thereabouts. 

Apart from that, honestly, everything was really tasty, mega filling and exceptional value for money. We ordered drinks (including a beer), main meals for everyone and three desserts and it came to just over £50, amazing right? 

The staff were so friendly and accommodating, the atmosphere was lovely. It was nice enough that it felt grown up, but still really child friendly too with colouring activities and a toy box for the kids. 

We are definitely going to go back, we had a great time and the food was fantastic. Would highly recommend for anyone looking for a bit of hearty grub in a friendly warm environment! 

**We received a voucher towards our meal from Sizzling Pubs. All words and opinions are my own**

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