Style: Beating Summer Chub Rub


It is going to get warmer, I tell you! And when it does, there is nothing worse than the dreaded chub rub, as those of us with ample thighs will know. I wanted share with you today my go-to anti-chafing short, which for the past couple of years has been from The Big Tights Company

I mean, let's be honest, it's not my best look. But, these bad boys have been looking after my thighs for years now. As you can see I prefer the longer short, I find the short ones cut my thigh in half and the chub just squidges out the bottom, which does not look good when you're wearing a tight skirt.

The shorts come in white, black and beige, and as mentioned, do come in a shorter and longer length. Size-wise The Big Tights Company cater for sizes 12-36, I usually opt for the 24-28 option because my hips and thighs are the largest part of me. 

The shorts are lightweight and hugely stretchy and above and beyond their anti-chafing properties, I also find them great for keeping my modesty. As a perpetual trouser wearer, I'm always a little nervous when wearing skirts, so when I have these on, I feel assured that I'm not going to be flashing my pants to the world! 

If you're looking for a comfortable solution to modesty and chafing, I cannot recommend these enough! 

**These shorts were kindly sent to me  by the Big Tights Company, but I proper loved them anyway, so winner winner chicken dinner**

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  1. Hi! Have you had any issues with dresses or skirts sticking to the fabric of the shorts? I have a pair of cotton ones with lace trim at the bottom, and find that when I walk, the skirt catches on the shorts and rides up. It's infuriating! If you don't have that problem, I'm definitely buying a pair! What size would you recommend for someone who is 20/22 UK?


    AngryJenny on Instagram :)

    1. Hey lovely! No I've never had that issue, so hopefully these will be better!! I would go for the 18-22, they should be fine for you! Xx


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