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Hey! As always, I try and introduce you to new plus size brands and offerings and one of the latest to launch are high street brand Quiz Clothing with their 'Curve' offering. I've got two pieces to share with you today, the first being a plus size dress and the second in the shape of plus size trousers

To be honest this post is a bit picture heavy but I'm not even sorry because both items I absolutely love and felt so lovely in them. 

This dress did push me out of my comfort zone and as you can see I'm clinging onto my more masculine side by wearing jeans with it, but when I go on holiday in June I am going to wear it as a dress, I promise. 

As I was unfamiliar with sizing I went for a 24 on this one, I'm glad I did, I think if I'd stuck with my usual 22, it would have been fine, but with the pale blush colour and soft fabric, it might have been a little too clingy for my personal taste. Speaking of the fabric, it's a lightweight crepe, the neckline and sleeves are elasticated and the length is just above the knee (I'm 5'7") with small slits to the side. It's a little sheer so I'd personally go with a slip underneath. 

My second item from Quiz are these khaki trousers, in a peg leg style. 

They come up fairly high on the waist, I'd say for those of you with a regular sized body, unlike my stupidly long trunk they would be sit great. Don't get me wrong, these do, but they just come up a little short in the body if I'm going for that true high waist look. 

They have pockets which is always a MEGA bonus, and the length is great for either wearing on the ankle or for rolling up as I have here. The fabric is a heavy jersey crepe, which hangs really well. Thing is I have lumpy bumpy legs and they do show up in lighter colour fabrics, but I'm not going to let that stop me wearing different colour trousers! 

I was tempted to style these with heels, but I wanted to show you how I would genuinely wear them, an this is it, with my cons and leather jacket. Unless I was going out on a night out then I probably would add some heels. But that's what I love about this style of trouser, it's so adaptable. 

For reference I also went for a 24 in these and they are perfect. 

My experience with Quiz has been great. I loved the two items I went for, the quality is great, the fabrics are nice and the sizing comes up a tiny bit small, but I do often border 22/24. So I'd recommend if you're on the small end of your size, stick with your size, if you're on the upper end, size up. I'll definitely be checking them out again in the future though! 

**These items were sent to me for the purposes of review. All words and opinions are my own**

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  1. I LOVE that dress and I screenshot your post in it on Instagram to remind me to buy it when I have moolah. Looking fabulous! xx

  2. Both the dress and the trousers look fabulous on you! I really need to try this brand.

  3. I love the pink dress! Even more so with the jeans. You look fab!

    C x

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