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Hello! A bit of lingerie today on the blog from the folks at Lovehoney. Now I've got to admit, I wouldn't have thought of going to Lovehoney for plus size lingerie, but I was pleasantly surprised by the large selection of items they have available. 

I've got two pieces from the collection to show you today, the first is a sweet little floral two piece and the second is a gorgeous long line bra.

Top left clockwise... Mmm my fingers smell great... I'm sure there's chewing gum in my hair... what's this stain on the duvet?...shit I think I left the hob on.

Oh my goodness do I always feel very awkward doing these posts, but I still think it's mega important to show sexuality as a fat person, because I think some people think we're dead from the neck down and too blobby to do it, well trust me it aint true! 

Now it's worth pointing out, these pieces of lingerie are bedroom lingerie, I certainly wouldn't expect any support from them, but by gosh they are beautiful! The floral set is really fun and flirty, the fit is a smidge on the small side but because it's jersey it works. You can see the full set here.

I adore this long line bra, it's so sexy and the cage back is just to die for, I went for the 22/24 and it fits perfectly. I'm a 38F so have fairly small boobs, and I just about fit in the cups, so I wouldn't advise it for fuller busted people, but definitely worth a try if you're in the 38F/40E-ish range. 

Can strongly recommend checking out the range on Lovehoney for fun, sexy, flirty bedroom wear. Lots to choose from! 

**These items were sent to me for the purposes of review, all words are my own**

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  1. The bralette is amazing - I love the back detailing and you look utterly yumptious in it.

    C x


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