Style: Brunch Club


Just a quick outfit of the day for you today! I had a couple of casual meetings to head out to, and as my super cute new Joanie Clothing T-shirt had arrived the day before, I thought I'd incorporate it in my outfit. 

Unfortunately everything else I'm wearing has sold out, but for reference the pinafore is from New Look ad the boots are ASOS. Now the weather is picking up I'm looking forward to wearing more flirty spring outfits! 

A note about my legs: there was a time not too long ago that I would have died a little bit inside at the  sight of these pics. My 100 denier tights working overtime on my sizeable thighs would have been enough to push me over the edge. But now? Now I've grown to love my strong, full, thick thighs. It wasn't always easy and except for my swimming costume, you probably won't see me baring anything above the knee with a bare leg, but I'm getting there and I learning to love every bit of me. 

Always surround yourself with positive media. Don't buy into body shaming, mainstream media. Seek out positive spaces, encouraging conversations and people who understand your experience. Bit by bit begin to love your body, and for the days you don't, be kind to yourself, it's a difficult journey. 

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