Small Biz Saturday: The Cleethorpes Candle Company


The latest indi business is my Small Biz Saturday series is the Cleethorpes Candle Company. I love a good candle and after my dad bought me a little wax melter I've got into those too; then, by sheer luck the lovely Hayley came into my world and very kindly offered to send me a few of her hand made products. 

All of Hayley's products are made from natural soy and the burn time on them is amazing! Unlike other paraffin based products there's no wastage, I was so surprised to see there wasn't a drop of wax in the bottom of my candle tin. I don't know why but it winds me up when I see all that wasted wax you get with other candles. 

The candles are just so pretty, this particular one is called 'St Anthony's Bank' based on an area of the Cleethorpes coastline close to Hayley and I. It's so fresh, like a blast of sea air and is inspired by the coastline's wild grass and shells. The smell just gently wafted through my house, it wasn't overwhelming like some candles can be. It was more like a little breath of fresh air around the house! 

Hayley's pretty glitter adorned wax melts are super intense and so gorgeous, Poppy was particularly impressed with the glitter (as most six year olds are) and my dad commented on how nice the smell was when he visited! 

I'll definitely be going back to the Cleethorpes Candle Company to top up my supplies - you can order yours from the Facebook page - check in there for prices and info! 

**These items were gifted to me, all words are my own**

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