Tuesday, 28 March 2017

Style: Brunch Club

Just a quick outfit of the day for you today! I had a couple of casual meetings to head out to, and as my super cute new Joanie Clothing T-shirt had arrived the day before, I thought I'd incorporate it in my outfit. 

Unfortunately everything else I'm wearing has sold out, but for reference the pinafore is from New Look ad the boots are ASOS. Now the weather is picking up I'm looking forward to wearing more flirty spring outfits! 

A note about my legs: there was a time not too long ago that I would have died a little bit inside at the  sight of these pics. My 100 denier tights working overtime on my sizeable thighs would have been enough to push me over the edge. But now? Now I've grown to love my strong, full, thick thighs. It wasn't always easy and except for my swimming costume, you probably won't see me baring anything above the knee with a bare leg, but I'm getting there and I learning to love every bit of me. 

Always surround yourself with positive media. Don't buy into body shaming, mainstream media. Seek out positive spaces, encouraging conversations and people who understand your experience. Bit by bit begin to love your body, and for the days you don't, be kind to yourself, it's a difficult journey. 

Saturday, 25 March 2017

Style: Plus|Equals

Hellooooo! It's the weekend, it's sunny, what a time to be alive! I want to introduce you to Plus|Equals today, and awesome indie plus brand, if you haven't come across them already,  they are definitely one to watch. Originally starting out with upcycled garments the brand has since gone on to design its' own line of stand out, statement pieces too. 

I had a litte spare cash last week so I treat myself to one of the upcycled pieces that I'd had my eye on for a while. I love that these pieces are one of a kind.

I got the blue paint splatter top, it's an easy to wear short sleeved sweat top that I know I can throw on with jeans, under dungarees or with my peg leg trousers like I have done here. 

The fit on this particular garment is quite boxy, so what I tend to do, is roll up the sleeves to give it a bit of shape and definition. I'll often do this with t-shirts, especially if I'm wearing a blokes t-shirt. 

It's obviously quite an urban piece, so I tried to keep my styling chilled out with soft trousers, trainers and a textured jacket. The jacket adds a little bit of sophistication so I don't look (as a nearly 40 year old woman) too ridiculous. 

If you love your clothes to make a statement and you're looking for something really different, I suggest you check out the collection. These guys have an awesome size range, and if you don't see your size, just ask, and they will endeavour to sort that for you! Keep up the amazing work Plus|Equals. 

Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Style: StyleXL Awards Outfit

I headed over to Birmingham this weekend to attend the StyleXL Awards, the informal do, put together by the lovely Leah celebrated those who were nominated at the sadly defunct British Plus Size Awards that were cancelled at the last minute. I was there representing The Curve Fashion Festival which is happening in September. Click the link to find out more, it's going to be a corker!! 

I thought I'd quickly share my outfit with you, I wore this bell sleeved jumpsuit from ASOS, which was a steal at £18 in the sale. I'll be completely honest, I was a little put off, because it looks a bit crap on the model, I think it's too big for her, but once I got it on, I absolutely fell in love with it! 

My rose gold shoes are ASOS too, the handbag I nicked from Em, and my necklace is Topshop. I tend to go into Topshop every couple of months and buy a few bits in the sale to top up my accessories,  love their stuff but it's a bit pricey so I just go bargain hunting when I can! 

And the highlight of my night? Seeing these babes of course! Blogging has brought me a LOT, but I cannot be more thankful for the friendship and support of these three wonderful women. 

Saturday, 11 March 2017

Style: Eldragonfly Barcelona

It's the weekend! Hoorah!! And I've got a lovely little post today from a small independent company based in Barcelona. Eldragonfly Barcelona make the most beautiful pashminas.

I think pashminas are pretty underrated. I tend to carry one whenever I'm travelling, if it's a bit draughty on the train or plane they're great from wrapping up with, they roll up to make a great pillow too. If Poppy is feeling tired I'll wrap her up in one as a blanket, if it's raining and I don't have  brolly I'll pop one over my head, I might look like a complete granny, but it's better than having soggy flat hair! And you may think I'm a bit daft, but I make sure they have a spritz of perfume on, that way if I'm feeling sad, it's a great comfort, or if its a bit smelly (which public transport often is) I'll wrap up in it and have a sniff! 

The possibilities are endless! In sunnier weather they are great to pop over your shoulders if you're getting a bit burnt, and then there's as they're actually supposed to be used! As a scarf/shawl! When I worked in a classroom setting I was always conscious of not being too exposed, so I would often wear one to work to cover up the old cleavage! 

Anyway, I've blathered on enough. Safe to say, I'm a big fan of the pashmina. 

With Mother's Day coming up, they always make a great gift, especially if you're a bit stuck on what to get. Eldragonfly have a great selection of colours and styles. You can check out their designs on their amazon page here > Eldragonfly Barcelona.

**These items were sent to me for the purposes of review. All words and opinions are my own**

Monday, 6 March 2017

Style: Velvet Perfection with Pink Clove

Hello everyone! How was your weekend? Are you planning the next one yet? Well if you are, hopefully I've got a bit of inspo for you today in the shape of this gorgeous plus size velvet dress from Pink Clove!

This dress is sumptuous deep pinky red, the soft velvet is gorgeous to wear and the bardot neckline is so sexy. I sized up to the 24, but in all honesty, I would advise you stick to your own size as this would have looked fine on me in my usual 22. 

With the leather jacket it's definitely got a bit of a Cry Baby/Hairspray John Waters vibe about it. Feeling 50s badass and oh so fine! If you are wanting to change the style of this outfit though, it would look oh so classy with a soft duster jacket and some pretty strappy heels for example.

What I love most about this dress is that it's super affordable. It's a perfect pick me up for the weekend and will be a great addition to your wardrobe. Get on over to the Pink Clove website and check out their fantastic selection! 

**This dress was sent to me for the purposes of review. All words and opinions are my own**

Saturday, 4 March 2017

Small Biz Saturday: The Cleethorpes Candle Company

The latest indi business is my Small Biz Saturday series is the Cleethorpes Candle Company. I love a good candle and after my dad bought me a little wax melter I've got into those too; then, by sheer luck the lovely Hayley came into my world and very kindly offered to send me a few of her hand made products. 

All of Hayley's products are made from natural soy and the burn time on them is amazing! Unlike other paraffin based products there's no wastage, I was so surprised to see there wasn't a drop of wax in the bottom of my candle tin. I don't know why but it winds me up when I see all that wasted wax you get with other candles. 

The candles are just so pretty, this particular one is called 'St Anthony's Bank' based on an area of the Cleethorpes coastline close to Hayley and I. It's so fresh, like a blast of sea air and is inspired by the coastline's wild grass and shells. The smell just gently wafted through my house, it wasn't overwhelming like some candles can be. It was more like a little breath of fresh air around the house! 

Hayley's pretty glitter adorned wax melts are super intense and so gorgeous, Poppy was particularly impressed with the glitter (as most six year olds are) and my dad commented on how nice the smell was when he visited! 

I'll definitely be going back to the Cleethorpes Candle Company to top up my supplies - you can order yours from the Facebook page - check in there for prices and info! 

**These items were gifted to me, all words are my own**