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I'm going to let you into a little secret... I love mugs, like seriously. If I believed in guilty pleasures (which I don't) I'd say this, along with The Kardashians marathons were probably in my top five, but no-one got time to be guilty over the good stuff! Sitting down with a cuppa is probably one of my ultimate pleasures and I can't think of anything cuter than doing it with a personalised mug

Even as someone who is home-based, I very rarely afford myself any quality time to just relax, and do nothing, and I mean nothing, like put the phone away, close up the laptop and enjoy some time immersing myself in some quiet time. When I do though, I love to pull out some books, nothing intense, I like travel books and fashion books and of course, there's always room for a little bit of something sweet to go with the old cuppa. 

When I was asked to personalise my own mug by the guys at Mr Nutcase, I of course instantly thought of putting Pops on my mug. I chose these pics we took on one of our 'girls nights' because they're just so fun and cute and these are times I want to remember when I'm kicking back and enjoying a cuppa. And even on my worst day, I know, when I'm making a brew, I'll look at our silly faces and smile to myself. Instant happy! And that's what's so lovely about personalising items, little reminders of our loved ones, or favourite places. 

The mug itself is great quality, I like a chunky mug with a bit of weight to it, which this one certainly is, it's a stylish shape, not just your average builders mug style (although I do love a builders mug!). The transfer quality is lovely and even though our faces are a little squished, that's kind of expected due to the shape of the mug and the type of pic I chose. 

In such busy times, it's important to remember to look after ourselves, that way, we can enjoy the fun times even more.

Be kind to yourself <3 

**I was sent this item to review. All words are my own**

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