Small Biz Saturday: VE Cosmetics


Hey! So it's the new year and I'm so excited about the way things have kicked off on the blog this year. The giveaway has been going great guns and it really made me think about the part I can play in supporting small business and handmade products.

I thought a monthly (for now, possibly weekly) feature on small businesses, independent producers and handmade products might be fun, so what better way to start than to feature the products of someone I love very much. 

My mate Lynsey runs VE Cosmetics and specialises in ethically sourced, vegan make-up and beauty products. All handmade by the lady herself, Lynsey (the gorgeous redhead below) has developed amazing range of quirky, fun and beautiful products.

Now you all know I am not good with the make-up, if I manage to slap on a bit of mascara it's been a good day! But I'm very sure all you slap addicts out there would know exactly what to do with the huge range of products Lynsey makes.

Head on over to her site, have a good ole poke around and do your best to support small business. Vegan friendly, cruelty free cosmetics by VE Cosmetics.

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