Monday, 29 February 2016

Style: Girls Gone Wild.

This weekend I hit Manchester with my favourite gal Em from Terrible Tumbles Blog. We had an event on Friday so decided to make a weekend of it. We spent the Friday night in our PJ's with Rosie from A Rose Like This then on Saturday we headed into the city centre for a bit of retail therapy. 

I was sent this gorgeous blouse from Yours Clothing, I've been after this style for months, so I was so chuffed when I saw it on the Yours website! 

I teamed the neck tie blouse with this houndstooth skirt and leather jacket, both from Simply Be, my beloved Monki bag and majorly worn but loved Clarks boots. 

I must say I absolutely LOVED this outfit. I felt so good in it, I can feel it being a regular combo in my wardrobe. If you're a bit hippy like me and want to wear it untucked over jeans for example I would say maybe size up. But other than that it is just a fab fab blouse. 

After a spot of retail therapy, Em and I headed back out for a full on girly night... the details of which I think are best kept secret... Let's just say it was messy!! Haha! 

I've got some lingerie to share with you this week, a gorgeous retro dress and maybe an outfit of the day if I have time to grab some pics! Speak soon gang! 

**This item was sent to me for the purposes of review. All words and opinions are my own**

Thursday, 18 February 2016

Health: Exercise, Support and Boobs.

Content Warning: I am going to discuss exercise and fat bodies within this piece. 

As a confident, happy fat bodied woman, I always feel the mere mention of exercise can trigger some pretty interesting, sometimes upsetting and misunderstood conversation. So today I'm going to discuss fitness, bodies and sports bra's! 

So firstly, I am going to put this out there straight away. You can exercise without wanting lose weight. You can exercise for fun, for escape, to alleviate health problems. 

For me personally it's all three. I genuinely love exercising, I might not be the best at it, the fastest, the most accomplished, but I do like being active. It is indeed an escape from my daily pressures, from work, uni and being a wife and a mum. In the gym I'm just Becky, sweaty, chubby Becky. And lastly, it helps alleviate some of the symptoms of my bi-polar, it gives me headspace to relax, switch my brain off and focus on nothing but the thud of my feet on the treadmill. But what I will also say is, it took me a long time to get to the point where I felt well enough (brain wise) and confident enough to exercise. Anyone who tells you to exercise when you're in the depths of depression and/or anxiety are deluded. It takes time to get to a place where it can then be prescribed as a complimentary therapy. 

Serious gym face.

I'm not exercising to be the best me (I try and be that every day). I'm not trying to reach a goal. I don't intend on feeling any pain in the pursuit of gain. You are wonderful regardless of exercise and don't let anyone tell you or guilt you into feeling different. 

So, this is a very convoluted way of me talking about a sports bra, I know. But the guys at Panache and their award winning sports bra have always supported me and my boobs and it is so important to look after your breasts when embarking on any active pursuit, from a brisk walk or hike to a full on game of netball or an aerobics class for example. 

Last year I entered into the Race for Life and Panache were kind enough back then to send me a bra which served my boobs very well. I even made a vlog which you can watch below... 

And today I'm wearing the black version of this bra. They are the same style, but just in a different colour way, so I thought it would be useful to share the video, and some of the new pics of the bra. 

A huge thank you again to Panache for always having my back...and my front haha! So if you do fancy getting out there, please remember, do it for you, do it for fun, do it supported! 

 photo signature_zpsdcc0d6e3.jpg

**This bra was sent to me for the purposes of review. All opinions are my own**

Friday, 12 February 2016

Style: Rebel Rebel.

Well hello there! It's a fine and crisp day here in glamorous Grimsby (stop laughing you). I'm in uni today so I thought I'd crack out this gorgeous Khaki number from Navabi. It's super easy to wear, doesn't crease and looks laid back but put together, perfect huh? 

Oh yeah! I have purple hair! My lovely hairdresser Linda and I fancied a bit of a play, I think it turned out great! I'm getting all this out of my system before I finish uni and have to be sensible employed person again!

Back to the dress. I fell in love with this cocoon dress from the Navabi collection at the blogger event I attended last year, I love the panelling, the way it drapes, the fabric, the colour, the pockets. It's just a great piece. It's true to size, but if you prefer a more snug fit, by all means size down. 

Even though it's got a good weight to the fabric I can still see me wearing this in the summer with sandals, it's so loose and flowing it's going to be gorgeous all year round. 

Right, it's a bit quick and brief today as I need to crack on with this uni work, but I'll be back with some lingerie posts in the next week and I'll try and squeeze in the odd outfit of the day post too! See you soon gang! 

**This dress was sent to me for the purposes of review, all words and opinions are my own**

Sunday, 7 February 2016

Style: Rockabilly Rebel.

Ooh it's been a long while since I've dipped my toe in the old retro pool, and I hadn't realised how much I'd missed it to be honest. The occasion was a visit to London to meet my gorgeous girl Elena of Frivolous Mrs D. Elena is a vintage kinda gal so I thought I'd make the effort. 

The lovely folk at Lindy Bop sent us some dresses over for the occasion, sadly mine was bit small so I'm swapping it, and I'l be blogging it soon, but thankfully I'd bought myself a bargain in the sale that week also, so I wore that instead.

I just can't get enough of this dress, I've worn it twice in a week, which is not like me at all, I normally come out in hives if I wear the same outfit too close together! I think it's sold out on the site, but there are a tonne of cute plus size wiggle dresses on there to chose from.   

Love a good bog shot.

Elena and I had a wonderful day in London, we visited All Star Lanes for some retro american diner fun, grabbed a quick hug with our lovely friend Cath and bought Lola's cupcakes. Elena looked so gorgeous in her 'Rita' dress also from Lindy Bop, we had such a lovely, chilled day, lots of chatting, laughing, a tiny bit of crying and lots of yummy food. Pretty perfect really. 

I'm definitely enjoying revisiting my vintage phase, it's not something I'd do full time because I love jeans and trainers and baggy sweatshirts too much, but I think I'm going to incorporate little bits into my wardrobe for rebellious, rockabilly days. 

Thursday, 4 February 2016

Health: #TimeToTalk Day 2016.

It's Time to Talk day. A day for talking about Mental Health (although that should be every day to be honest). But maybe take today to think about how you perceive those with mental health conditions. I have Bipolar, it can be crippling and painful and heartbreaking. It affects not just me but those around me.

Sometimes I'm not a very good friend, sometimes I cancel at the last minute, sometimes I can't afford stuff because I haven't been able to work because of my condition.

Sometimes I'm not a very good mum and that breaks my heart.

And sometimes I'm not a very good wife and that makes me wonder why he puts up with me.

It makes me question everything in my life, it makes me scared and unsure.

I spend a lot of time trying to hide all this and look like I've got my shit together. And sometimes I genuinely have. What I do is live the best life I can whilst living with my illness. And that is all anyone can do, in fact some days, just breathing is the best you can do and that is okay too.

Appearances can be deceptive, theres no one way to be a 'nutter', we don't all look the same, we're anything and everything, we're your friend, boss, postman and doctor. 1 in 4 people live with a mental health condition of some sort, yet the stigma surrounding it is still massively prevalent in society.

Stop judging and start understanding. It's #TimeToTalk

Monday, 1 February 2016

Style: Embracing Colour with Navabi.

I had somewhat of a monochrome 2015, or at least that's what it felt like. And I loved it, things were a bit crazy and I think paring back my wardrobe and taking the minimalist route was right for me at the time. As we head into to 2016 I'm feeling a whole lot brighter and I think my wardrobe is going to reflect that.  I'm still very much into fuss-free, clean lines, but I'm trying explore colour a bit more and this gorgeous rust coloured dress by Zizzi, from Navabi is helping me do just that!

The dress is a faux suede, which has the soft feel of suede but the comfort of a stretch material. I love the way it is cut into sections and the pockets are perfect. The dress skims the top of my knees (I'm 5'7") and sits really nice. I'm wearing the 22/24 which is a great fit on me, but if you're on the smaller side of a 22 I'd recommend sizing down. 

I've kept it simple with the styling, flat boots, tights and a biker jacket. The dress is the main attraction with this outfit. I'm just heading to uni today, but this dress is just one of those perfect all-rounders really, office, drinks, meal out the lot (except maybe the gym, five mile hike etc of course.)

The dress is also available in grey, but I have to say the rust colour just does it for me. Also a quick note about the Navabi website, I love the detail they go into in terms of fabric and fit, it's such a joy to see the care and attention that goes into informing customers choices. Bravo Navabi

** This dress was sent to me as part of the blogger network. All words and opinions are my own**