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Finding the right swimwear for actually swimming can be tricky. Ensuring you have the right support and coverage is important. Fashion swimwear is all good and well, but performance swimwear is a completely different... well... swimming pool! 

Zoggs aim to bring the fun back into swimming and want to promote swimming for everyone – it's all about enjoying the water regardless of shape, size or ability. Zoggs are a British swimwear company who focus on fun and shapely swimwear that makes you feel comfortable and supported. 

Zoggs have a range of different suits in sizes up to a 26 and in cup sizes up to a 40H. I went for a cup size costume, in a 40DD, I sized down in the cup because I usually find swimming costumes absolutely swamp me in the boob department, but I think I could have gone for maybe an E or even and F in this. I think it is a case of trying to find the right size for you. If you can get to a stockist I would advise trying a few different suits on or if possible maybe ordering a few different sizes and styles and finding the right one for you, especially if you intend on using this costume for fitness and training purposes. 

I love the design of the Nambucca swimsuit, the bright stripes across the midsection give it a really cool feel. The quality of the fabric is superb and is obviously design to withstand some proper use... Not just my usual lounging round the side of a pool on my hols! 

**This item was sent to me for the purposes of review, all words and opinions are my one**

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  4. I was trying to find reviews on this swimsuit and came across your blog. You look fantastic, and I hope it looks just as good on me when I order it!

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