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So, quite some months ago now, myself, Em, Elena and Kate were invited to spend a bit of an away day with the gorgeous Hannah and Chantelle from Curvy Kate. And of course, that's an offer you don't turn down! 

I love them SO SO much

Some of you might have caught some highlights from the day on my social media, but I thought I'd do a (VERY) retrospective recap on here and give you a peek of the gorgeous undies I received in the very generous goodie bag too. 

Basically there are shots of food and drink (the most important part obvs) and a bit of the V&A, unfortunately we were unable to take pictures of the actual exhibition, but it was so cool. I absolutely love fashion history, so to see so many garments and geek out over the way lingerie and fashion has evolved was amazing. 

Crabbers and Janet. Separated at birth.

After our fun day Em and I kidnapped Crabbers and took her back to our apartment where we plied her with prosecco and then took a lengthy march across Kensington to find a McDonalds. A very successful day and evening I'd say! 

So on to the undies... 

I'm wearing the smoothie prowl set, which colour-wise is way out of my comfort zone but gosh they're bloody lovely. I wore them all day on a day out with Pops which involved lots of messing about on the park and climbing into a very small kids roller coaster and the whole set was super comfy all day! 

I do love them them Curvy Kate gals, I hope they still love me after the inordinate amount of time it took me to write this blog post haha! But I did have the most glorious day and although I thanked them at the time, I just want to say thanks again, because stuff like that is once in a lifetime kinda stuff, making memories with your mates, seeing wonderful stuff and eating fabulous food. Dream come true innit?

**I was gifted the set featured in this post, Which is awesome. Thanks Curvy Kate**

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