Food: Afternoon Tea with a Twist


Hello! How are you all? Have you been enjoying the weather? It's been glorious if not a little sticky hasn't it? So a couple of Saturdays ago we celebrated my mum's 60th birthday with the most delightful afternoon tea courtesy of the Comfy Duck in Lincolnshire

We enjoyed the Wimbledon themed afternoon tea, which of course has now ended, but you can still enjoy the summer themed one, and oh my goodness I recommend you do. 

The quality of the food was just wonderful, everything was just so tasty and well presented, and as you can see from the pictures below, it all looks just as good as the press pictures! 

I've reviewed the Comfy Duck before and one year on, I can truly say the quality is just as amazing. But more importantly, the service we have received every time has always been outstanding. 

The staff are always so friendly and down to earth, they make you feel welcome and at ease. Nothing was too much trouble, and this time having taken Poppy I was so impressed with how kind they were to her. 

Mum, me and Pops - my two fave gals <3 

The sandwiches were served on a traditional cake stand and we may or not have wolfed them down before I remembered to take some pictures (bad blogger alert). But oh my goodness we did get a picture of the gorgeous desserts. 

Thing is when you look at afternoon tea you think, pfft that's not going to fill me, but by the end of this we were all stuffed! 

I of course have to throw a little bit of fashion in for good measure, and for my outfit I wore this cute playsuit from New Look which was perfect for such a warm day! 

Just a quick note as well, the restaurant prides itself on its gluten free and vegetarian options and that applies to the afternoon teas too, so everyone is catered for, they even do children's options too! 

I hope you've all had a wonderful weekend, I've got some posts coming up including a bit of lingerie and summer fashion. Cheers guys! 

**The meal was courtesy of the Comfy Duck, all words and opinions are my own**

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  1. Oh this has made me salivate ... I wanna go but it's so far away!!

    Ps. Loving the jumpsuit!

    C xx

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