Style: Embracing Colour with Navabi.


I had somewhat of a monochrome 2015, or at least that's what it felt like. And I loved it, things were a bit crazy and I think paring back my wardrobe and taking the minimalist route was right for me at the time. As we head into to 2016 I'm feeling a whole lot brighter and I think my wardrobe is going to reflect that.  I'm still very much into fuss-free, clean lines, but I'm trying explore colour a bit more and this gorgeous rust coloured dress by Zizzi, from Navabi is helping me do just that!

The dress is a faux suede, which has the soft feel of suede but the comfort of a stretch material. I love the way it is cut into sections and the pockets are perfect. The dress skims the top of my knees (I'm 5'7") and sits really nice. I'm wearing the 22/24 which is a great fit on me, but if you're on the smaller side of a 22 I'd recommend sizing down. 

I've kept it simple with the styling, flat boots, tights and a biker jacket. The dress is the main attraction with this outfit. I'm just heading to uni today, but this dress is just one of those perfect all-rounders really, office, drinks, meal out the lot (except maybe the gym, five mile hike etc of course.)

The dress is also available in grey, but I have to say the rust colour just does it for me. Also a quick note about the Navabi website, I love the detail they go into in terms of fabric and fit, it's such a joy to see the care and attention that goes into informing customers choices. Bravo Navabi

** This dress was sent to me as part of the blogger network. All words and opinions are my own**

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  1. Love a dress with pockets! Looking gorgeous as always.

  2. I love how you've paired it with the jacket for a rockier look. And pockets are always a yay!

  3. This rust color is gorgeous, I love it! Also like how you have styled it in a casual look. xx Josine

  4. That rust colour is quite gorgeous ...

    C xx


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