Style: Valentines Lingerie with Yours Clothing.


Hey guys! Hope you're having a great weekend! I think the spring clean vibes have kicked in here at BeBe Towers as it feels like we've spent the whole weekend shifting, organising and cleaning.  

Earlier in the week though I did have some spare time to get some shots in this gorgeous plus size lingerie set from Yours Clothing

With Valentines Day coming up I'm sure you'll be flooded with mail outs and adverts about treating your partners, buying cards etc and I'm sure this could feel like another one of those, but I would like to say, romantic element to one side for the moment, why not treat yourself? You deserve to feel wonderful and this Black and Nude Lingerie set certainly does that. 

On a practical note I wore this all day and it was really comfortable, so it's not only a lil bit sexy but it's totally wearable as an every day set. I found it true to size (I'm wearing a 38F and a 22/24 pants), it's lightly padded and gives me a really nice shape. 

You might have noticed in some of the pics that my left boob is bigger than the right, something plunge styles always seems to emphasise, and I was a bit bothered about this for all of two seconds, then I gave myself a swift slap around the chops and remembered that nearly every other girl out there has uneven boobs and just like I show my fat body and stretch marks to show people that there is no such thing as perfection, I also need to show my uneven boobs, so here they are in all they glory, along with afore mentioned body and stretch marks and scars. 

It's tough sometimes to remember that actually, you're more like everyone else than you think and that these things you see as imperfections just make you part of one big awesome gang. Wearing beautiful lingerie, stylish clothes and accessorising to the max is my way of reminding me that I am worthy, valid and pretty damn special. 


**This set was sent to me for the  purposes of review. All opinions and words are my own**

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  1. Thanks for the pictures. Mine are wonky too and I was paranoid about it. Thank you for reminding me I don't have to be paranoid x

    1. No worries Kim, embrace those slightly wonky but amazing boobies! <3 Xx


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