OOTD: Between the Lines.


I started writing this post and embarked some long spiel about flattering and the beauty ideals placed on us as fat people. But It's late and I'm tired! In brief what I wanted to say is this outfit isn't "flattering" and I could not give less of a shit. 

Fuck Flattering
I'm not here to wear clothes that make me look "good" or adhere to some crazy hourglass ideal, sometimes I like fitted, sometimes I like baggy, sometimes I like chic, most of the time I'm just amazingly comfortable and hopefully, in my own special way, stylish. 

See I ended up going into a huge ramble anyway!!  

This striped sweatshirt dress from ASOS is pretty much my ideal garment, it's banging, and I've worn it to death over the two weeks I've owned it. I wanted to smarten it up today though, so I teamed it with a longline shirt also from ASOS, jeans (of course) and classic tan accessories. 

I'm Wearing: Longline Shirt - ASOS// Striped Sweatshirt Dress - ASOS// Jeans - JUNAROSE// Tan Boots - Clarks// Bag - Vintage// Necklace - Tatty Devine

So yeah, there you go, never wear something because you think you should, or because it will suit your figure, wear it because you like it, because it makes you feel banging or well whatever reason you want to wear it for. 

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  1. You've done it again! Awesome outfit and badassery all in one post ❤

  2. Having seen you and Lottie in this in the last day.... I need it! Love how you've styled it

  3. I looooooove it! OMG I'm trying to be a good girl but this is tempting me. Looking fabulous! xx


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