Style: #OffDutyDenim with George at Asda.


Self professed jean queen at your service! I've found a corker of a pair for you today which are extremely pocket friendly! I was asked to take part in the George at Asda #OffDutyDenim challenge, which I of course jumped at. The premise was, with £70 at my disposal I had to find a few outfits based around my chosen jeans that would see me through a weekend. 

Clockwise from L-R: Stag Print Shirt// Jeans// Sequin Camisole// Black Ribbed Roll Neck Jumper// Cable Knit Jumper

My first outfit was for the Saturday day time, it's a run around town, go for lunch, get a manicure kind of outfit (we'll pretend that's what happens on a Saturday, we all know the reality is I try and go in to town, Poppy moans about being bored and throws a tantrum and we end up going home in a huff half an hour later having done absolutely nothing).  

I wore the jeans and roll neck jumper and teamed it with some leopard print boots and a leather jacker with fur scarf. 

Moving onto saturday and it's party time! I have swapped out the roll neck jumper for this super glam sequin camisole, changed the boots for some heels and added a statement jacket.

And finally, I suppose after a big night out, you need a comfy Sunday outfit, if you make it out of your pyjamas that is! We'll call this the hangover butty run outfit! Haha! The cable knit jumper is snuggle central, and I just had to add this cute stag print shirt under because, well,  I love cute print shirts!

All five items came to exactly £70, how's that for budgeting skills? The jeans are so great, they're not too high rise (which I struggle to wear) just a quick not about the sizing, they are MEGA generous. I sometimes have to wear a 24 on my bottom half, I'm somewhere in between a 22/24 (call it a 23 if you will), but these are a 22 and I need the 20 to be honest, as I had to wear a belt with these. So I would size down at least once. 

**These items were sent to me for the purposes of a blog challenge.**

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  1. I love the shoes you are wearing on the picture on the buttom.
    Where are those from?

    (You look awesome as always missBeBe)

  2. You mention more companies are adding Plus+ sizes. I am a 24.
    Pic can be seen of my Chi Chi Prom Dress at:


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