Style: A Beloved Endeavour Indeed.


You might remember a few weeks ago I brought you some plus size vintage style from Beloved Endeavour run by the fabulous Diane who has been on the UK blog circuit for as long as I can remember, way before me and my modest four and a half years.

Today I've got a piece from her gorgeous, handmade capsule collection which you will also find at her Etsy shop, Beloved Endeavour. 

Just a quick note: As always now the winter months are upon us, I have to apologise for the grainy indoor photography, sometimes it's my only option but I hope you can still see the detail and appreciate the outfits!

This beautiful handmade velveteen full skirt is just one of those skirts you dream of, it's simple but packed full of thoughtful details and is oh so luxurious. My absolute favourite part has to be the fly buttons, they are just amazing, I love the placement of them, and the way they elevate the skirt to something truly special. Of course there's the pockets too, every skirt should have pockets, and I've decided it should be written into the fashion laws. 

The price point of Diane's handmade items are what you would expect for a handmade, high quality item, and no they're not for every pocket, but if you can afford it and want to invest in a plus size business, owned by a plus size woman, designing items for plus size women, then I can highly recommend the pieces from Beloved Endeavour. They are finished beautifully, the quality of fabric is far superior to other handmade items I've had in the past and the detailing is unique and fun. 

Please do take the time to look at the Beloved Endeavour Etsy page, it is so important to support plus size pioneers and give back to the little guy (so to speak). 

**This item was sent to me for the purposes of review.**

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  1. Who doesn't love pockets? I get silly excited every time an outfit involves pockets!

    C xx


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