Style: Sandgrens Clogs.


Oh hello there! It's Monday, I'm not feeling so fresh but I have got pretty shoes on, so that's all good isn't it? The shoes in question are these beautiful swedish clogs from Sandgrens. This isn't my first pair of clogs, I have another slightly higher pair in a tan leather. 

I'll be completely honest, clogs are a bit of a marmite show aren't they? You either love or hate them, I of course love them, I think they're just so cute and a little bit cool too, now whether I'm cool enough to pull them off or not is another question completely! But I'll pretend I am at least. 

Wooden clogs can be a little pricey, but that's usually because it's premium leather and wood and just like these ones from Sandgrens, they are hand made to a beautiful standard. The leather requires a little breaking in, but once you have achieved this, oh my goodness! 

While the weather is still mild and I can rock a bit of laid back autumn chic, I'm going to wear these sandals to death, and then I'll pop them safely away ready to wear with pretty dresses and denim jackets in the summer! 

**The sandals were sent to me for the purposes of review. I'm a very lucky gal**

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