Style: Lovely Lingerie with Panache Sculptresse.


I've got another gorgeous plus size lingerie set for you today courtesy of Panache. Sculptresse by Panache is a brand I'm sure you're now fully aware that I'm a huge fan of. I just find the fit fantastic and know exactly what to order every time. 

This particular set is the Kitty, which features a gorgeous star print and cute leopard print bow trim. The briefs are high waisted and sit very nicely. 

As if I need to remind you lot, but; I haven't got the perfect body, it is covered in scars and stretch marks, the lines of my life, my war wounds and my fatness. I love every single one of them. My tummy isn't flat, my thighs wobble and my arms jiggle. But just like every one of you out there, I deserve beautiful lingerie and I deserve to feel sexy. Don't wait for tomorrow, don't wait until you're thin. Wear all the beautiful things, right now. Dance in the moonlight and have sex with the lights on, you are bloody marvellous. 

**This set was sent to me to feature on the blog. All words and opinions are indeed my very own**

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  1. I should be commenting on the lingerie but I have to say your hair is sensational. It really suits you. Oh and thanks for the lingerie review xx

  2. Thank you, as always, - I love seeing you in lingerie - it makes me feel better about seeing ME in lingerie and reminds me to love my bod. So thank you!

  3. What a lovely set, and you look great in it!

    I am really struggling to find the right size bra. I have been in and out of marks and spencers and various other places but I am still not happy with the size I am wearing. I long for that feeling where you put on a bra and know it is perfect! x


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