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I was recently invited by the lovely folk at Specsavers to got to my local store and pick out some new frames. My prescription had recently changed, so the timing was perfect. 

Even though I had had an eye test a few weeks prior I was interested in trying out the whole service from Specsavers, so I booked myself in for an eye test. The test was comprehensive and thorough and the optician was polite and helpful. It was confirmed that my prescription had changed and I would be needing new frames, so I headed into the eyewear area and tried on some different styles. Prepare yourselves for my hilarious trying on glasses face...

The variety of frames and styles was huge and as you can see andI was completely spoilt for choice. In the end I went for three frames from the brand Cheap Monday. I really love their style, the frames are so different and fun without being too Timmy Mallet (showing my age there). 

Once I'd chosen my frames, I was fitted by the lovely Darel who was really helpful and friendly. She was able to advise on coatings available for my lenses and glasses care. Once I was fitted, she checked to see if the lenses I needed were available, as they were, I was advised my frames would be ready in an hour, which was perfect! 

As someone who has bought frames online for the last few years it was really nice to have that personal level of service and speed in processing you just don't get with online eyewear suppliers. The quality of the frames and lenses is wonderful too. And as the frames I chose were half price, I was able to pick up three different styles which for someone like me is great, I get bored easily so it's nice to have the option to change them up when the mood takes me! 

My experience at Specsavers was fantastic, the level of service and quality of product was outstanding and I can highly recommend them for all your eyewear needs. 

** I was sent a voucher to purchase frames from Specsavers.  All words and opinions are mine** 

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  1. Oh I love the frames you chose, Specsavers has got much better than the last time I was there x

  2. My current glasses are from Specsavers and I'm really happy with them. Each time I've gone there the customer service has been outstanding. I went last week with my fiancé since he needed new glasses, and tried on some of their awesome sunglasses...I fell in love with one pair and I really need prescription sunglasses, so I may have to get them at some point! ;) The staff were really lovely and gave me the product number for the sunglasses I liked so that I can come back for them later (when I can afford them, lol!).

    Love the three frames you picked! xx

  3. We have the same glasses! Just blogged about my experience and how much I'm finally in love with a pair of glasses. Cheap Monday was such a good choice, especially in that grey, marble texture. It does annoy me that you suit every pair in that bloody store though! Haha x


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