Style: Plus Size Jeggings with Yours Clothing.


We're starting to see all the Autumn fashions filtering through now, there are lots of russets, browns and mustards coming through colour wise, so I'm really excited! The other joy of Autumn is lots of new denim, and we all know how much I love a good pair of jeans. Yours Clothing have got lots of fresh denim coming through for Autumn, including these jeggings

I'm wearing them with this great terracotta curved hem top. I love the cape feel to it, it's super lightweight and cool, so great as a transitional piece and for layering up. The jeggings are a classic indigo and are really slim fitting which is great, no one want baggy old jeggings! I'm wearing the 22 and they are perfectly true to size. They have a good amount of stretch as you'd expect with a jegging, but not so much that they go saggy after one wear, they feel substantial and supportive.

This is quite a simple outfit. If you really wanted to play on the 70s theme that's going to be huge this autumn, you could add a floppy hat and a big tassel bag for a hippy kind of look. Both of these pieces are going to be so versatile over the next few months as the weather starts to cool down.

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Why yes, I am checking out my butt. 

**These items were sent to me for the purposes of review**

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  1. I'm loving your fashion inspirations now too and thanks for sharing this post!


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