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Hello gang! I feel like posts have been a bit thin on the ground of late! I've been busy beavering away with various bits and bobs so my little corner of the web has been somewhat neglected. I've got some great bits coming up over the next few weeks, but in the mean time, I thought I'd share my outfit from today. 

I've been buying so much stuff from Simply Be of late. Just can't get enough of them to be honest. My credit account is suffering though! Oops. 

I wore: Floral Shirt Dress - Simply Be// Tights - M&S// Leopard Print Boots - Simply Be

Eeeeee it's loud, it's proud and I'm clashing like a mo-fo with my leopard print boots but isn't it glorious?  It was a bit chilly here today so I snapped up the opportunity to rock this ensemble. 

I'm wearing the 24, I'm glad I went for the size up. If a garment is woven and doesn't have any stretch and especially if it has buttons, I like to ensure there's going to be some room and it won't be pulling or clingy. The material itself is lightweight and silky.

Had my mop chopped today too. I still need a bit of a play with it, but I wanted something a bit shorter and choppier. Short haired girl for life! 

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