Beauty: Cruelty Free Make-Up with VE Cosmetics and Giveaway!


Oh hello! So... Beauty huh? We all know I don't really do much in the beauty realm here on the blog, and in real life to be honest haha! So you know when I review something it's coming from the same point of view as most of you, in fact you lot probably know a damn sight more about make up than me! 

Today's review is a rather special one for me though because, because the range I'm featuring was created and is hand made by a lovely friend of mine, the rather stunning alternative model, Violet Eyes (the hot chick with the bright red hair surrounded by lots of other hot chicks below).

How the brand came about is really interesting and you can read Violet's story right here on the website

As someone who is trying to be more mindful about what I'm putting on my skin, I was really excited to try some of the products. VE Cosmetics are Vegan friendly and cruelty free! And as a complete lipstick-phobe, I really wanted to give the VE Cosmetics lipsticks a go. As they are natural I felt more assured that they would be more comfortable to wear. My biggest problem with lipstick is the taste and feel, something I didn't have to worry about with VE Cosmetics. 

The product I'm testing out today is the 'Can't Make up my Mind' lipstick palette. Which is perfect for when, indeed, you can't make up your mind, or if like me, are a little unsure of lipstick. 

Centre Square - Pucker up Pixie// Bottom Left Corner - True// Bottom Right Corner - Pumpkin// Top Right Corner - Omen// Top Left Corner - Bitchraft.

Now first off, please forgive me, I'm not great at applying lipstick, I'm still practising, but I gave it my best shot! 

I love how each one gives me a very different look, right from natural through to some serious drama! They felt nice on my lips and didn't have that awful chemical taste you get with most lipsticks. I think with some practise I could learn to build up the colour for an even bigger impact. 

As well as this beauty, the lovely Violet has given me a huge bag of goodies for a giveaway! You lucky people!!

To win all of the above, you can enter in several ways!

And you can do all three to maximise your chances of winning - Best of Luck! 

**UK entrants only**

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  1. i have tweeted -

  2. Another vote for vegan makeup here :-)
    I love the one on the centre and the nude looks so nice as well!
    Subscribed x

  3. I've just subscribed to both Becky! And I'm just about to repost on IG as I don't have a Twitter. Really excited about this one as I have absolutely no make up other than 1 MUA eye shadow palette, shameful! I've just tossed the lot as its years out of date! I'm like you with lipsticks too. Id love to start a new fresh make up collection & I'm very much leaning towards cruelty free brands now I'm older. What a lovely giveaway & all the best to VE cosmetics!! (And your lips look totes beautiful!) x

  4. hi I've subscribed to both and followed you on instagram but I can't find the details of sharing the post....sorry am new to instagram! Thank u

  5. Done on Twitter and Instagram (which caused me to download a regramming app, which is way easier than expected, and also to follow you on Instagram, which is bringing me joy). Love your style.


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